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FFXIV: 6 Popular Dungeon Themes Worthy Of Your Attention

Posted: May 28, 2024

Posted: May 28, 2024

Source:  IGGM

In FINAL FANTASY XIV, there are hundreds of different dungeons and raids to randomly match, and sometimes your daily life can get stale and boring. So this time, I will select 6 dungeon themes with music to allow players to immerse themselves in the game. Let's dive in!

FFXIV: 6 Popular Dungeon Themes Worthy Of Your Attention

Mt. Gulg - In The Belly Of The Beast

In this penultimate dungeon of Shadowbringers' main setting, the stakes are high. Vauthry has escaped and created a new paradise atop the floating volcano of Mt. Gulg. The entire realm of Norvrandt has come together to make sure you succeed in your endeavor to free the world from the all-encompassing light, and the music swells as you make your heroic and triumphant climb right to Vauthry's doorstep.

The trumpets sound your steady march up the mountain. The Heavenly Harp guides as you strike down Sin Eaters by the droves. The drums pound like your heart as you try that one huge pull at the end and pray your healer knows what they're doing, and the tank knows how to use their invulnerability at just the right moment.

There's something about Mt. Gulg where, despite it being an old dungeon in today's terms, it still provides a decent challenge from the trash mobs more than the bosses themselves, and the music always gets me in the mood to DPS to make sure that tank lives long enough to kill 3 different groups of mobs.

The Burn - A Land Long Dead

Grounded in a sandstorm while on the hunt for a friend in the unending waste of The Burn, we are met by an almost eerily peaceful piano softly introducing the fact that, outside of our party members, we are adrift and alone. The song is sorrowful yet mystical as we wander through Monster's Den, adapted to this harsh environment, completely devoid of Aether and Last Remnants of Allagan Empire buried below the sands.

The song also always stuck out to me because, unlike most dungeon themes, this one doesn't reflect the Overworld map it relates to or is a version of a previously notable song. Mostly because The Burn is topographically located far and away from inhabited locations of Eorzea.

Instead, it gives us a small auditory sneak peek of the expansion to come - Shadowbringers. If you listen closely to the beginning of the song, you can hear a lot of similarity to Shadowbringers main theme, as though we're being prepared for what ultimately befalls the same companion that we're searching for.

Vanaspati - As The Sky Burns

The screams fill the air, and the Scions race into the nearby jungle in pursuit of a horrid creature and watch as one by one, the Tharians they've rushed to save turn into monsters straight out of a nightmare. All the while, the sky burns.

FFXIV Vanaspati

The song encapsulates the heart-pounding fear and adrenaline we feel when Etheirys' final days finally come, complete with up-tempo drums, frenetic violins and female vocals in the second half. This one stuck out to me because not only did it capture the culture and the aesthetic of Thavnair, but it also kept the dread and helplessness of the moment in the scenario.

The Fractal Continuum (Hard) - Unbreakable

The Enterprise pitches to land, and you are met by a swarm of Allagan Chimeras and other creations left to inherit the ruins of the Fractal Continuum. As your tank pulls on the first group of mobs, the guitar swells, and you know you're in for one hell of a ride. So, have some FFXIV Gil ready to tide you over.

Overdriven guitars get your feet tapping as 'Unbreakable' mixes with Alexander's theme. The drums go hard as you nod your head. All the while, the pulls are getting larger and so are the Allagan Monstrosities. Every now and then, there's a moment of peace and curiosity as you wander the halls between the waves of combat with an unexpected tag-a-long search for the truth.

Ktisis Hyperboreia - Miracle Works

Your fantastical trip into the past has reached its heart-pounding conclusion. With 3 allies at your side, you need to stop or witness the beginning of the end. Ktisis Hyperboreia is home to many familiar and new concepts that you must face and put down as you climb the never-ending tower to the skies.

The music is otherworldly peaceful, and then it jumps in intensity. The piano, violins, and harp mix with synthetic waves of music in a frantic yet beautiful piece that wonderfully completes the experience of this dungeon and, without a doubt, deserves a spot on this list.

The Heroes' Gauntlet - Where All Roads Lead

Spectra Phantoms from other worlds block your path, causing you to stray from your destination for months.Their garb, spells, and combat tactics are familiar to you, yet have a foreign uniqueness to them that sets them apart. Still, you are the Warrior of Darkness, and you are needed now more than ever.

You cut a path through Amh Araeng, Il Mheg, and Lakeland. The motifs of the 3 zones are interwoven masterfully into this song, yet with a fierce and powerful melody that reinforces the need to press onward to save The First, with your deeds not being forgotten as allies great and small appear to assist you.

Hope that what I mentioned today can give you some inspiration and enhance your gaming experience.


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