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Elder Scrolls Online: Quick Guide On The Mount System

Posted: May 05, 2023

Posted: May 05, 2023

Source:  IGGM

I think anyone who has played for a decent amount of time will know all there is to do about mounts. But beginners may not be very clear about this aspect when they first play ESO. So, this guide is primarily aimed toward those types of players. Let’s learn all there is to do with mounts, how to get one and how to upgrade it.

What Is A Mount?

Let’s start with what a mount actually is?

For those who are new to the MMO crowd and most importantly ESO, mounts are your noble steeds, essentially just a faster and smoother way of traveling around the massive world that is Tamriel.

ESO offers such a great variety of mounts to the player whether that be horses, tigers and lions, wolves, some strange beast from Morrowind, goats and rams and some other worldly creatures. This adds to some great individuality to the game as there are so many mounts available. Every player may be using something different.

ESO Quick Guide On The Mount System

How To Get A Mount?

So, let’s set you up with your very first mount, shall we?

Luckily, ESO offers all new players a free mount through the Level Up Rewards. It’s a brown horse. Now, although this might not suit some characters. It’s great to get you up and running and to start upgrading as you can’t upgrade your mount unless you have one equipped. So, equip this mount even if you don’t like it as it allows you to begin the upgrade process.

Now, if you want to have a look at getting yourself a different mount, then take a look within any stable in the game found pretty much in any main city. The Stablemaster will sell a variety of horses for close to 50,000 ESO Gold each, so get saving.

If horses aren’t your thing, then look no further than the index available through events only and purchasable with event tickets. These mounts add some flare for when you’re speeding across the land.

ESO Crown Crates

Apart from that and maybe the odd achievement reward from a DLC, most of the mounts in ESO are behind a paywall, either in Crown Crates or just in the Crown Store. So, you have your favorite mount equipped or perhaps just the brown horse and you have returned to the Stables.

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How To Upgrade Your Mount?

When speaking to the Stablemaster, you can upgrade three different categories: Speed, which is your overall mount speed; Stamina, which is how long your mounts can sprint for and how much damage it can take before throwing you off; and lastly, Carry Capacity, which has no relevance to the mount, but, in fact, is your inventory space.

ESO three different categories you can upgrade

You can upgrade one of these three for 250 ESO Gold once per day. Simple as that. So, it would take you a total of 180 days to fully upgrade a mount, like I have done here.

There are more ways to upgrade a mount, however: one being through the Assault skill line can be found through PVP; one passive in that skill line will grant you Major Gallop a hundred percent of the time, increasing your mount speed by 30%, which is a huge noticeable difference.

Another way is through Champion Points. For example, Gifted Rider will increase your mount speed by yet another 10% and War Mount will remove all mount Stamina costs outside of combat. Essentially, while you’re out of combat, your mount has infinite Stamina.

That brings us to the end of this super quick and simple guide. I hope to see a few more of you on mounts now, and also upgrading them at Stables.


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