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ESO: Feedback And Improvement In Monetization Issues

Posted: Mar 01, 2023

Posted: Mar 01, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Monetization of the game is very important to any MMO, as this is how the developers support themselves while providing more and better content to the players. 

Elder Scrolls Online is no exception, featuring many forms of currency besides ESO Gold. But the most notable of these is Cash Shop known as Crown Store.

Monetization By Elder Scrolls Online

Crown Store in Elder Scrolls Online is well stocked and offers players a variety of items. Including Mounts, Armor Styles, and even some decorative items are covered

However, it is not a simple matter for players to get these items. Although not these items need to be exchanged for ESO Gold, some practices of Crown Store will still cause controversy among players.

All About the Crown Store in ESO

There are also services in Elder Scrolls Online that require players to use ESO Gold. After obtaining it, players can access all DLC and get a craft package and rich Crowns rewards. This service is called ESO plus, and it is definitely one of the most popular among players. Although there is no problem with Elder Scrolls Online’s game content and Monetization among MMOs, many players are still dissatisfied with Crown Store.

Problems with Crown Store

Among them, players feel that the biggest problem with Crown Store is one of the loot boxes called Crown Crates. In the game community, this loot box has always been a controversial topic. In the minds of many players, it is like a gambling game with no bottom line. 

For example, the rarest Radiant Apex mount in Elder Scrolls Online has a drop rate of only 0.28% each time. This means that players need to use 120,000 Crowns to get a Radiant Apex mount

This mechanic undermines the integrity of the entire game, while also taking the coherence out of the actual content of the game, leaving players disappointed with Elder Scrolls Online.

Still, Crown Crates aren’t the only thing players hate about Crown Store. Other items in Crown Store are not affordable for most players. For example, in February 2023, players will need to use 4000 Crowns to get Quasigriff

But what is even more annoying is that there is no 4000 Crown Pack in Crown Store. Players wanting to have enough Crowns will have to go get the 5,500 Crown Pack, which will be close to double the base game itself, as well as double the expansion pack.

Crown Store Showcase

Unfortunately, most of Mounts in Elder Scrolls Online come from Crown Store, and very few of them are got by players in the game just by doing quests. The same goes for most other cosmetics, emotes and armor/weapon styles. Many players of Elder Scrolls Online expressed dissatisfaction. Knowing that the best cosmetics are in Cash Shop, it seems like all the efforts made by the player have been in vain.

Improvements To Crown Store

Every time there is an optional Mounts or cosmetics in Crown Store, it seems to be an obstacle to the development of Elder Scrolls Online, and it also aggravates the player’s dissatisfaction with Elder Scrolls Online. 

As ZeniMax stated, it will listen to the opinions of players, so that players can get rewards in Crown Store by doing tasks in the game. The game has also undergone major adjustments and improvements. Hope players will continue to enjoy this game.


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