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Elder Scrolls Online: Bard Class Guide

Posted: Mar 03, 2023

Posted: Mar 03, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Elder Scrolls Online’s classes are one of the richest and unique classes of any MMO genre. In Elder Scrolls Online, not only each class has its own independent knowledge system, but they are also very helpful to players in various role-playing. It reflected this freedom in every section of Elder Scrolls Online.

Although Elder Scrolls Online rarely launches new classes, but he will often add some new gameplay to these classes. For example, they have added new gameplays such as PVE and PVP to the Necromancer class.

Introducing a class like Bard would not only continue this trend but also allow players to learn about the class in new ways.

The Case For The Elder Scrolls Online To Introduce a Bard Class

The prototype of Bard is like Sorcerer, Nightblade, and Necromancer class, which is reflected in the entire class system. Bard has used its words as a weapon far more powerful than it could with a mere ordinary sword. At the same time, Bard still has an advantage in more forms of spells and some utility skills.

Just like the description of the recently added classes, ZeniMax is not worried that introducing too many new classes will increase the complexity of the game. Arcanist crux system in Elder Scrolls Online is the perfect reflection of this problem.

Combos of different classes increase the playability of the game and make the game more creative. Bard is to use the way of singing to send out skills. Players must follow the beat of the Bard as much as possible, using their skills to create songs, in order to better use them.

The skills of Bard’s song vary. It may be the ability to mitigate the damage taken by the healer, or it may be the ability to damage other DPS players. Not only is it creatively unique, but the gameplay is also very different from other professions.

The Elder Scrolls Online All Bard Songs with Lyrics

Elder Scrolls Online’s recent identity class struggle is a big problem, and Bard's class can ease this contradiction.

Introducing a new class explodes the diversity of the original data. It will change the way raid teams are formed, how players are handled in PVP mode, while opening up more possibilities for open world player participation.

Most of the classes players know are known for their offensive abilities, however, classes like Bard usually employ some non-combat methods to solve problems. This skill method is more suitable for Necromancers and makes up for the lack of Necromancers being unable to use skills in cities with bounty risks.

At the same time, the addition of these classes better meets the needs of players who want to experience different classes. Elder Scrolls Online has a role-playing themed community where players create different stories for each of their characters. In stories, they usually have some connection to the character’s class. Therefore, the birth of Bard also allows more players to explore recent stories.

After seeing the addition of arcanist in Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom’s trailer, players should know that it is unlikely that players will see new classes in a short time.

This is to ensure that developers have time to balance all classes, but also to reserve time for creating new classes. If you want to use Bard class as soon as possible, you can do this by acquiring enough ESO Gold, hope you have a good time playing.


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