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Escape From Tarkov: Ways To Kill Reshala

Posted: Feb 16, 2023

In Escape From Tarkov, there are many Scav bosses, and Reshala is one of them. Usually, he appears on Customs maps and is called the Dealmaker. For your The Huntsman Path, you need to kill Reshala once. And in The Huntsman Path, there are Trophy, Justice, and Relentless quests given to you by Jaeger.

On the Customs map, some of the locations he's in have about a 38% spawn chance. Usually, Reshala is surrounded by some of his guards. Here are some tips on how to kill Reshala in Escape From Tarkov.

Escape From Tarkov Reshala

Reshala Usually Spawns In These Places Of Customs

  • Usually, on the map, he'll spawn in one place, with some of his goons, in a three-story dormitory on any floor.

  • Near construction sites, he will spawn.

  • He spawns next to the truck on the west side or at the new gas station facing south. In addition to that, he spawns near the front of the sandbag.

  • Another possible place is on the channel between Checkpoint and the Sub-Station.

Some Ways To Kill Reshala

If you compare Reshala and his 4 goons with other bosses in the game, Reshala and his 4 goons are actually not difficult to deal with. When goons spawn, they usually wear armor. Moreover, the levels of these armors are all different. Sometimes, the armor they wear may be class 5 or 6 armor and Altyn helmet. Usually, Reshala's guards will stand in front of him to protect him. So, if you want to find Reshala, you have to fight his guards and kill them to find Reshala. Once the guards are under attack, Reshala and one or two of his guards find a place that can cover them and take cover. Then, you have to kill other guards first. Here, there is a situation that needs your attention. If you are a player scav with low scav karma, there is a chance that Reshala's guards will shoot you when you get close to their units without attacking them. Sometimes, Reshala's guards may warn low karma player scavs before becoming hostile.

Since they're likely to have advanced armor when they spawn, you'll want to make sure you have and use high-caliber weapons. Such as 7.62x39mm BP gzh ammo, because it can penetrate 5th class armors and Altyn helmet with only one or two shots. Because Reshala's guards are usually very close to the guards next to them, the best way to deal with them is to bomb them with grenades. So, you can use EFT Roubles or Items to get the grenades or other powerful weapons or equipment you need to improve your strength and make the fight easier. However, you also need to be aware of your surroundings and proceed with caution when dealing with them. Be careful as they will also throw flashbangs and grenades at you.

In the dorm, if you run into them and try to fight them. Well, you can try to move around without being noticed and spot them one at a time. You can clean the dormitory room by room, kill them all, and loot their valuables later.


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