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EFT: How To Quickly Complete Disease History Task?

Posted: Feb 23, 2023

Posted: Feb 23, 2023

Source:  IGGM

There are many factions in Escape From Tarkov who want secrets and information. Fortunately, Therapist is only willing to hand over important, even life-saving, medical information to the player.

The game is to let the player enter a dark and closed corridor, and the player must find the correct and locked door inside. Players can get richer rewards after completing the dangerous but simple level of Disease History. Escape From Tarkov is as simple as if the player had spent a day at the office without thrills.

Players must reach Level 15 to accept quests from Therapist, who is actually a drug and aid supplier in Tarkov City. Players must find two keys, RB-KSM and RB-SMB keys. Only with these two keys, the player can open the locked door and get the file. It generated these two keys on RNG.

Everything we know about Escape From Tarkov on console

Players can find Dorms on Customs map. Clothes and dead bodies in Dorms may hide keys, or you can look for them in crates or wooden boxes. .

After players meet these requirements, they can find two medical records on a Reserve map with vast land and tall buildings. Reserve, like other maps in Tarkov, is a rich place with rich item spawns and vast lands. Here, players can plunder other people’s bitcoins, weapons, fuel, and first aid supplies and other valuables.

At the same time, here is also full of danger. Players who want to go to White Bishop Medical Building must be well prepared and armed. Prevent hostile players or hostile NPCs from snatching all the supplies and weapons of unaware players.

If you don’t have proper contents insurance, you could permanently lose your device, and these circumstances make Tarkov an extremely difficult FPS by traditional standards.

When the player arrives at White Bishop, the folder hides in a separate locked room on the second floor. At this time, the player must use RB-SMP key to unlock the door.

Disease History Task in Escape From Tarkov

Among them, it placed the medical folder on a floor cabinet with a folding door, and in order to prevent players from easily discovering it, it piled a lot of sundries up in front of the cabinet.

The second locked room needs to be opened with RB-KSM key. After opening the door, there is a pile of wooden boards at the door, and it placed the folder at the bottom of the wooden shelf on the left side of the room.

After collecting both folders, players just need to extract their auto-cached folders from the map. After the mission is complete, players can finally feel happy that they managed to save these secret folders. But at any time before the task is completed, the player cannot let down his guard.

As with most quests in Escape From Tarkov, the rewards players receive will vary from quest to quest. Completion of more advanced missions will provide players with more EFT Roubles. After completing Disease History quest, players can get generous rewards, including:

  • 7,200 EXP
  • +0.3 Therapist Reputation
  • 30,000 EFT Roubles (31,500 Intelligence Center 2) (34,500 Intelligence Center 3)
  • 5 CALOK-B Hemostatic applicators
  • 1 Grizzly Medical Kit
  • 1 Ibuprofen Painkillers


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