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EFT: A Rookie’s Guide To BP Depot Quests

Posted: Mar 07, 2023

Posted: Mar 07, 2023

Source:  IGGM

For some Escape From Tarkov players, there is never a shortage of EFT Roubles during the expedition. Because during the player’s adventure, they often encounter Russian arms dealer Prapor to provide players who continue EFT Roubles with a lot of jobs that can pay quickly, as long as the player can work hard for a day.

If the player wants to do some relatively stable work, such as graffiti and the like. This BP Depot mission is definitely to your liking. Especially in a world like Tarkov where illegal transactions are everywhere and dangers may appear at any time, which player can refuse such a task?

Get Task

Prapor is an arms dealer from Russia who often trades with players in other areas such as Verkneye Urban Settlement in Tarkov world. I believe some players must have cooperated with him before. Because many of Prapor’s tasks are aimed at players who are temporarily short of EFT Roubles and want to improve their equipment quickly.

Players will receive a BP Depot task from Prapor, which mainly requires players to use MS2000 and other equipment to track and mark some fuel tanks on Tarkov Customs map so that they can collect them later. Players need to mark 4 fuel tanks on this mission

EFT BP Depot Quests

This mission differs from some friendly Modern Warfare 2’s DMZ mode games. Players lose all uninsured items upon game death. Therefore, it is very important for players to be careful not to lose any valuable equipment while knowing the map at hand and completing the mission.

Mark Fuel Tank

The four fuel tanks have the same appearance and are extremely easy to confuse. Players can mark the fuel tanks they find in any way. Players can find fuel tanks in four places:

  • Near the road between Trailer Park and Crossroads Extraction points
  • They parked one up-front at New Gas Station location
  • They parked one at the back of Old Gas Station's location
  • Parked inside Construction Site location

These fuel tanks hide in the open industrial area of Tarkov Customs map, and enemies will attack players when they find the fuel tanks and want to label them accordingly. 

Players should be able to guess that they need to deal with some enemy players hiding on the roof of buildings or windowsills, or some NPC Scavs with weapons and equipment. Players need to move carefully to avoid entering the enemy’s weapon vision. 

Players should also be on the lookout for some extra loot while moving from one fuel tank location to the next, particularly the gas station location. Generally, there are fuel tanks hidden in gas stations, which are crucial for some players to maintain power while hiding.

Once the player has successfully marked all the fuel tanks, the most important thing is to get out of this area alive. Most of the extraction locations on Tarkov Customs map are open, where the player will be vulnerable to another attack, a common hallmark of Tarkov worlds.

Mission Rewards

After the player completes BP Depot task, Prapor will give the player certain rewards. But the player will also lose the reward of Jaeger, another arms supplier in Escape From Tarkov. Players who choose to help Prapor will receive these rewards:

  • 2,800EXP
  • +0.03 Prapor Reputation
  • -0.01 Jaeger Reputation
  • 30,000 - 34,500 EFT Roubles
  • 2 Expeditionary Fuel Tanks


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