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Elder Scrolls Online: A Complete Guide On The Scrying Skill Line

Posted: Mar 21, 2023

Posted: Mar 21, 2023

Source:  IGGM

If you want to learn scrying in the Elder Scrolls Online, you’ve likely seen the random leads that drop all over the place and want to learn how to start getting the artifacts and unique Furnishings that can be acquired from scrying. It takes a while, but it’s well worth it. I’m going to be showing you where to acquire the skill line the fastest way to level up your Scrying and a couple of tips for Scrying. 

ESO Scrying Guide

Required DLC

It should also be stated that you will need the Greymore DLC, as it is the prerequisite for scrying in ESO. 

Acquiring Scrying & Excavation Skill Lines

To acquire the skill line, travel to Western Skyrim, then travel to Solitude once you’re there. 

ESO the location you should travel

Once in Solitude, travel to this location of the town and talk to Verita Numida. She will provide you with the skill line in the tutorial quest to show you how Scrying works. You will simply strive for an object and then go through the Excavation stage and receive the Excavation skill line. Complete the quest and there you have it. You’re able to scry.

Fastest Way To Level Scrying

The best way to level up Scrying is to play through the main quest of Summerset until you arrive at our town. You can skip the main quests of Summerset if you can get a friend or guild member to let you travel to them while they’re there.

ESO Summerset

Upon reaching our town, the boring and long grind begins. Make sure to stick around until the tips and tricks because there are some that are quite useful here. You can grind your Scrying level here until you reach epic grade items in Scrying.

Once you are able to unearth epic leads at scrolling level 5, check your scryable items that are epic grade. The reason you do this is because they provide more experience than the lower grade items, as shown in this chart.

ESO the chart

Once you’ve acquired all the epic grade items you can, head back to our town and continue the grind. It’s a very slow process, but it’s worth it overall.

Once you’re able to strive for master items at scrying level 7, there’s really no reason to keep leveling because you will get to the max level by Scrying for the items that you want.

Now, on to the tips and tricks, I will start with the most important one first.

Tip 1

Make sure to equip the Antiquarian’s Eye to your quick slot and use it when you’re searching for this growing zone. This will point you to the Dig Site.

ESO the growing zone

Tip 2

All leads carry across your characters and what this means is you only have to level up one character Scrying. If you level up more than one character, you’re wasting your time and your skill points.

Tip 3

ESO-HUB.COM is an excellent resource for finding the leads that you’re searching for. Take advantage of it when you’re looking for a certain item.

Tip 4

Using movement speed gear will save you a lot of time when leveling up your Scrying. So, if you have a set or a full medium gear character, take advantage of it.

Tip 5

Many of the best builds in ESO require an Artifact, such as Exemplary Swift Ring, which is worth 500 ESO Gold. Once you reach level 7, I recommend trying to get as many of them as you can, so you don’t have to worry about it in the future.


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