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Elder Scrolls Online: How To Get Undaunted Keys? - Quick Guide

Posted: May 16, 2023

Posted: May 16, 2023

Source:  IGGM

This is a great way for anyone to get keys regardless of your skill level. It’s super simple and depending on how you look at it. It can be somewhat quicker than spending an unprecedented amount of time in that queue for the City of Ash 2 pledge just for the entire group to have left before you even get past the loading screen. Because it’s quicker for them to wait the 15 minute timeout and then just queue for something else instead.

TL;DR Undaunted Keys

Undaunted Keys are obtained from doing daily pledges, which can be picked up in three locations: Wayrest in Stormhaven, Elden Root in Grahtwood and Mournhold in Deshaan.

There are three NPCs at the Undaunted Enclaves, who give the daily quests. Try to pick them all up when you can. Undaunted Keys are rewarded for completing a pledge. You get one key for completing a pledge on normal or veteran and two keys for completing a pledge on veteran hard mode.

These keys then can be spent on Undaunted Coffers, which drop two different mods to shoulders that pair with their correlating monster helm. Shoulders can predominantly be obtained through the coffers.

However, there is the golden merchant in Cyrodiil, who also sells random shoulders every weekend. It will be better if you have plenty of ESO Gold. It’s still way more efficient to purchase shoulders with keys, however.

Elder Scrolls Online How To Get Undaunted Keys

How To Farm?

So, how do I get all these keys?

For those of you who don’t have an attention span longer than 30 seconds, in short, you can run two kinds of dungeons: the Fungal Grottol 1 and the Spindleclutch 1.

All you’re going to do is pick up the pledges for these two dungeons when they’re the daily pledge and run them on every character you can. Depending on how many characters you have set up for dungeons determines how many keys you get. And if you’re able to do this on all 18 characters, you’ll be getting 36 keys in a day.

However, the reason why you only want to do this with Fungal Grottol and Spindleclutch is because they’re the easiest and quickest dungeons in the game. Plus, who doesn’t love a Fungal one, it’s like the best dungeon ever.

Elder Scrolls Online Fungal Grottol 1

For optimal results, you want to run these dungeons on veteran and do the hard mode on the final boss. Please note: these hard modes are no more difficult than non-hard mode. This will ensure you get the optimal amount of keys. However, if you’re not confident in completing dungeons on veteran, you can also just run them on normal.

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Fungal Grottol and Spindleclutch are lightning fast dungeons on normal, so you’ll be able to complete quite a few runs in no time. Plus, the people queuing for a random normal will love you when they see that fungal one loading screen. You can also always get a group of friends or Guild mates together and spam out those pledges on repeat. Another great bonus is that these can be a good way to farm Transmute Crystals, as well.

Keeping Track Of Pledges

Since pudges are in a two-week cycle, you can keep track of when Fungal Grottol 1 or Spindleclutch 1 will be coming up as the daily again. There are lots of good websites and add-ons that track the pledges: ESO Hub being one of them and Undaunted Pledge Utilities is a good add-on if you play on PC.

If you’re in some ESO discords, the Dwemer Automaton bot will also post which pledges are the daily on each platform and what the following day’s pledges will be as well.


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