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ESO: A Rookie's Short Adventure In Island Of Auridon

Posted: Feb 18, 2023

Posted: Feb 18, 2023

Source:  IGGM

One of the biggest reasons players love Elder Scrolls Online is that whenever players get bored, there's a suitable new area for you to explore.

What's more, these short quests are a great way to give Tamriel newcomers a quick overview of the game and the different challenges of each region. Next, we will focus on the Island of Auridon.

The Island of Auridon is part of Summerset Isles, and the island is the finishing touch to the whole area. The island is overgrown with temperate forests, and many brightly colored flowers are scattered around the coastline and some ancient ruins. 

The animal resources on the island are also very rich. Players often see animals such as deer, wolves, and bears during their travels. 

ESO Island Of Auridon

However, these ancient ruins often also attract Imps, Scamps, Clannfears, and other Daedra. There are two signal lighthouses around the city and port around the coastline to help ships stay away from the dangerous rocks around the coast.

After playing in Khenarth's Roost, players can disembark and enter the port of Vulkel Guard. The port-connected city is located on the south side of the island and has an autonomous naval force responsible for guarding the port.

Players are used to walking around and looking around in Vulkel Guard. More adventurous players will prefer to look at Molag Bal anchor, which is often surrounded by cultists trying to activate it. 

There are also some players who are interested in the people and culture of Tamriel and other regions, and are always looking for some valuable craft knowledge, or trying to express some insights on interesting events.

Due to the attention of Captain Astanya and Queen Ayrenn of Aldmeri Dominion, players don't actually spend much time in Vlkhel Guard. But also because of some help from the player, the queen also promised to give the player a job in the future. 

ESO exploration

At the same time, players can continue to travel. Other challenges to the Island of Auridon are also found as players travel north. Some unknown political faction is trying to seize the town of Silsailen, and the town of Phaer has also started a plague outbreak.

After knowing this news, the player can try to avoid the plague from the small town of Mathiisen in the middle of the Island of Auridon. When the player arrives at Mathiisen Raz, the player is notified that he has become Eye of the Queen and Queen needs help now. 

Of course, you could also be caught again. However, for some newcomers to Island of Auridon, be aware that the followers of Veiled Heritage may cause some trouble on the island.

After dealing with the chaos in the small town of Mathiisen, players can head to Skywatch Port on the east side of the island. The port was the hub port of the city’s ancestors who previously ruled the island, ruled by High Kinlady Estre. 

If you want to learn about the political factions in the city, you can do so by speaking specific phrases to the guard behind the gate to the right. 

Some players may be interested in running a toad and stop at places like Barbed Hook Tavern. But it should be noted that most of the local regulars do not like the presence of strangers.

As you pass through Skywatch City, there are several small communities to visit along the way. Especially a small town in the middle of Island of Auridon. According to recent reports, the town’s wild animals have suddenly gone berserk. 

In the farther north, Dawnbreak is also guarding against sneak attacks by Daedra and cultists. In the northeastern part of the island there is Academy of Ancestral Rituals, a location that will be very popular with those wishing to brush up on their martial arts training.

In the process of finding Mallari-Mora, some troubles also appeared. Some players will be interested in Quendeluun and Torinann ruins further north on the island where Daedra and cultists lurk.

ESO Adventure

The ruins of Castle Relis, located on the northernmost tip of the island, are full of challenges and will attract many adventurers. Beneath the ruins lie powerful monsters. Cirion is currently in charge of the area and has not heard from there for a long time. 

Of course, unless you are very confident in your own strength, it is recommended that you take a few partners to take the adventure together. Before taking the risk, you can also get enough ESO Gold to improve your strength to increase your gaming experience.

Although Island of Auridon is full of unknowns and challenges, there is still an endless stream of players coming. So many travelers have summed up their adventures into two valuable lessons

First, there is a possibility that in the near future players will become bait to attract enemies. Second, if there is a fight, the player usually endures it.

Overall, the current state of the island of Auridon is a bit of a mess, and travel will come with many challenges along the way. Players may also encounter many people and even royal family members on their journey. But how could such a life be boring?


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