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Elder Scrolls Online: Daily Login Bonus July 2023 - Good News For Players

Posted: Jun 30, 2023

For Elder Scrolls Online players, in addition to the exciting game content, it is also very tempting to log in to receive bonus every day.

Elder Scrolls Online

Every day, Elder Scrolls Online players get free bonus just for logging in. In June 2023, you can also get bonus for logging in every day. I believe many players have also received them. This is also a way for many players to obtain game items.

Introduction About Daily Login

If you're not planning on buying Crowns in Elder Scrolls Online, there are other ways to earn free bonus to add to your collection. Elder Scrolls Online's daily login bonus are carried out in monthly units. In each month, players will get a series of login bonus for playing Elder Scrolls Online every day. These bonus range from experience scrolls to items to expressions and other cosmetics. This also can help you save a lot of ESO Gold.

Elder Scrolls Online Gold

All Daily Login bonus are free, but can only be earned by logging into Elder Scrolls Online and claiming them through the daily login bonus tab. The amount of bonus you can get depends on the number of days you log in each month.

Points Of Attention

Players receive bonus one by one in the order they appear in the tab. This means that players cannot choose to log in on specific days to claim a specific reward, but instead must log in on consecutive days to claim the item. And the bonus for logging in become more and more valuable, so if you have the bonus you want, be sure to log in every day.

Elder Scrolls Online Daily Reward

Partial Bonus For Logging In In July

July isn't here yet, but Bethesda and ZeniMax have given players a sneak peek at some of the highlights of the upcoming daily logins coming next month:

  • Day 3 - Crown Lesson: Riding Speed * 4
  • Day 7 - Gold * 20,000 
  • Day 14 - Grand Gold Coast Experience Scroll
  • Day 21 - Flame Atronach Crown Crate * 2

These free items are just a small sample of what's coming in July. For most players, the most attractive prize is undoubtedly the two Flame Atronach Crown Crates, which are available to all players for free, and all you need to do is keep logging in.

Elder Scrolls Online Rewards

The full list of daily login bonus for July will be released on July 1st, and once they do, you'll be sure to update this guide to include all available bonus. In the meantime, you can check which bonus they can still claim in June before the offer resets again.

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All Elder Scrolls Online Daily Login Bonuses: June 2023

Players can receive daily login bonus from June 1, 2023 until June 30, 2023. The following items are currently available in the game:

ESO Rewards

In the past few months, there were crown chests, pets, emoticons and so on in the daily login. Many players missed it because they did not log in. It is a pity. The selection of available bonus will vary each month, so be sure to check back next month for new bonus to claim.


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