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Elder Scrolls Online: A Complete Guide To New Life Festival 2023

Posted: Dec 12, 2023

This is a guide to the New Life Festival 2023 for the Elder Scrolls Online. 

In this new event, you will find a lot of new quests, rewards and events. Therefore, if you have enough ESO Gold, you can buy new things you like as much as you like!

Elder Scrolls Online: A Complete Guide To New Life Festival 2023

New Life Festival Intro

The New Life Festival is a unique holiday event, which got introduced 2016 in the Elder Scrolls Online. To be able to participate in the New Life Festival, you only need to have access to the base game. 

The New Life Festival is returning each year mid of December and is one of the special events, which offers double Experience. 

How To Participate In The New Life Festival? 

To participate in the event, pick up the free New Life Festival quest starter in the Crown Store and then travel to Eastmarch and speak with Breda. 

Where To Find Breda? 

You can find Breda north of the Kynesgrove Wayshrine in Breda’s Tent

During the event, you can also find portals at the Impresarios Tents, which transport you to Eastmarch

To complete the New Life Festival introduction quest, you will be rewarded with Breda’s Magnificent Mead Mug Memento and New Life Festival Box. 

Double Experience 

Starting in 2023, the double Experience buff will be automatically active during the New Life festival, which means the double xp will be all the time active during the event as a passive buff. 

Breda’s Magnificent Mead Mug Memento

Before this change, we had to use every 2 hours Breda’s Bottomless Mead Mug Memento

As far as I know, Breda’s Magnificent Mead Mug Memento should still be available in your ‘Collection’, in the ‘Tools’ section. 

Elder Scrolls Online New Life Festival Event 2023

New Life Festival Box 

During the New Life Festival, you can complete up to 10 daily repeatable new life festival quests per day and per character. 

You can start new life dailies by speaking with Breda and Petronius Galenus at Breda’s Tent in Eastmarch. 

For completing these quests, you will receive New Life Festival Boxes, which may contain various unique rewards. For example: 

  • New Life Festival Rewards 
  • Light Source Furnishings 
  • Provisioning Recipes 
  • New Life Runeboxes 
  • New Life Toys 
  • Crafting Ingredients 
  • Wolfsbane Incense 
  • Skinchanger Style Pages 
  • Nord Carved Armor Outfit Style Pages 
  • Imperial Charity Writs
  • Deep Winter Charity Writs
  • Evergreen Outfit Style Pages
  • Morningstar Frostwear Outfit Style Pages

If you already earned a Morningstar Frostwear Style Page that day, you can find instead Evergreen Style Pages in New Life Festival Boxes. 

Imperial Charity Writs and Deep Winter Charity Writs require you to craft simple furnishings for citizens in Tamriel that are in need. 

Complete these writs to earn Skaal Explorer Style Pages and Rkindaleft Dwarven Style Pages

Additionally, for completing twelve of these writs, you will be awarded with the Crystalfrost Skin

You can also buy Imperial Charity Writs and Deep Winter Charity Writs from Guild traders

New Life Daily Repeatable Quests - Breda 

To start following New Life Festival repeatable quest, you have to speak to Breda. 

She offers you each day up to 9 quests, each themed to Tamriel’s different races and located in their respecitve zones

Castle Charm Challenge 

The Castle Charm Challenge is a Breton tradition. 

For this quest, you have to travel to the northwestern part of Stormhaven

Here you have to visit Alcaire Castle and entertain the people at the marked areas on your map. 

You have to perform in the Old Goat Inn, the Alcaire Marketplace and in the castle. 

Fish Boon Feast 

The Fish Boon Feast is an Argonian tradition. 

Travel to the southern part of Shadowfen to the Percolating Mire Wayshrine. 

Here, we have to catch some fishes at the marked new life fishing holes on your map. 

You can use any bait to catch these fishes. 

The fishing place near Hissimir is usually pretty crowded. You can also find more new life fishing places along the coast to the east. 

After you caught a Histmuck Blobfin, a Shadowfen Creeping Leech, and a Black Marsh Cucumber, speak to Gentle Heart in Hissimir, which will prepare the fishes. 

You can also fish more fishes, so you are prepared for the next days. Also, you can store the fishes in the Bank for the next year. 

Lava Foot Stomp 

The Lava Foot Stomp is a Dunmer tradition. 

For this quest, you have to travel to Stonefalls and dance in some taverns. 

First, you have to go to Davon’s Watch and perform a dance in the Watch House tavern. 

Then, you have to dance at the Fish Stink near the harbor of Davon’s Watch. 

Next, you have to go to the city, Ebonheart. Here you have to dance at the Ebony Flask and in a town hall of Ebonheart. You can find the dance location in the town hall downstairs. 

Elder Scrolls Online New Life Festival Event 2023 (2)

Mud Ball Merriment 

The Mud Ball Merriment is a Bosmer Tradition. 

This quest will send you to Skywatch in Auridon and you have to throw 10 Mud Balls on NPC’s or other players. 

After you completed this first task, you have to go the Skywatch Manor. 

Inside the Manor, go to the first room on the right side. There you have to throw Mud Balls on any of the 3 Alliance Ambassadors

Signal Fire Sprint 

The Signal Fire Sprint is a Redguard tradition. 

Visit Bergama in the southern part of Alik’r Desert

Speak to Aubatha to start the quest. 

You must light now 4 signal fires in a limited time frame. The timer will start once you light the first fire and you can also do this quest in a group. 

Once you lit the fires within the time limit, return to Aubatha. 

Snow Bear Plunge 

The Snow Bear Plunge is a Nord tradition. 

To complete this quest, you have to jump into freezing water at the highlighted spots on your map. 

First, you have to go to the docks in the eastern part of Windhelm. Once you are there jump into the water. If you want to remove the freezing status effect go the fire nearby and warm yourself up. 

For the second jump, go to the bridge, which leads into Windhelm. Jump of the bridge into the water and then warm yourself up at the fire. 

The final place is the Dead Man’s Fall, which is west of Windhelm. Go to the top of the Waterfall and jump down. 

Stonetooth Bash 

The Stonetooth Bash is an Orc tradition. 

This quest will send you to the Stonetooth Fortress in Betnikh. Matron Borbuga asks you to collect Meat and Honey

You can obtain meat by killing Wolves, Mudcrabs or Rabbits. Honey can be collected from Giant Wasps or Wasp Nests

After you returned to Matron Borguba, you have to eat and drink from the marked dishes and drinks and show your appreciation for the feast with a belch. 

Five-Clawed Guile 

The Trial of Five-Clawed Guile is a Khajiit tradition. Travel to Rawl’kha in Reaper’s March and speak with Tumira. 

Unlock the 3 nearby locked chests and take the coins inside before the time runs out. 

War Orphan’s Sojourn 

War Orphan’s Sojourn is an Altmer tradition. 

Visit the Temple of the Eight in Grahtwood, which is northwest of Elden Root, and speak to Ormurrel

You can complete this quest pretty quick by donating a small amount of ESO Gold. Or, you can also help with killing wildlife. 

Old Life Observance 

Speak with Petronius Galenus to start the Old Life Observance quest, which is an Imperial tradition. 

Petronius will send you to an Old Life Shrine to perform a ceremony. It is random to which location Petronius will send you. 

It can be that you have to travel to Auridon, Bangkorai, Glenumbra, Stonefalls, The Rift or Reaper’s March

New Life Festival Event Tickets 

This year, you can earn during the 3 New Life Festival Event tickets per day per account. 

You will earn 3 Event Tickets for your first completed daily repeatable New Life Festival quest. 

Impresario Event Merchant 

As always, the Impresario Event Merchant will open her shop during the New Life Festival.

Elder Scrolls Online Impresario Event Merchant

This year, she is offering the Passion Dancer Blossom fragments, all 3 fragments for: Hoardhunter Ursauk mount & Morningstar Frostwear Style Pages.

Furthermore, you have the final chance to purchase again the fragments of the event collectibles of 2023, which means you can purchase the fragments for:  

  • Passion’s Muse Personality 
  • Meadowbreeze Memories Skin 
  • Passion Dancer Garment Costume 

New Life Festival Grab Bag 

Several rewards from previous New Life Festivals can no longer be found in New Life Festival Gift Boxes

These collectibles are now inlcuded in the New Life Festival Grab Bags, which you can purchase for 2 event tickets from the Impresario Event Merchant. 

Inside the New Life Festival Grab Bag, you can find: 

  • Snowball Buddy pet 
  • Powderwhite Coney Pet 
  • Colovian Filigreed Hood 
  • Colovian Fur Hood 
  • Nordic Bather’s Towel 
  • Mud Ball Pouch Memento 
  • Sword Swallower’s Blade Memento 
  • Juggler’s Knives Memento 
  • Fire-Breather’s Torches Memento 

Indrik Vendor 

The Indrik Vendor will also open her shop during the Event. 

She offers during the fourth quarter of 2023: 

  • Nascent Indrik feathers
  • Pure Snow Indrik Berries 
  • Crimson Indrik Berries
  • Frostlight Indrik Pet 
  • Rosethorn Indrik Pet

Philius Dormier 

Philius Dormier, the Impresario’s Assistant, will also open his shop during the event. 

He offers during the fourth quarter of 2023: Unstable morpholith pet fragments and Dagonic Quasigriff Mount fragments


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