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Elden Ring: Which Outer Gods Have The Most Influence?

Posted: Jun 05, 2024

Posted: Jun 05, 2024

Source:  IGGM

Outer Gods in Elden Ring provide power through mysterious spells and influence the game world in mysterious ways. From those inflicted with madness to those ruling the order of Lands Between, their influence runs throughout the game. However, as players, we know very little about them.Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree is coming on June 21, and every player is looking forward to whether there will be any changes to Outer Gods. But no matter how they change, their influence can never be underestimated.

Although we know the names of some Outer Gods, we don’t know their specific situations. As the scene changes, the role they play in each scene is constantly changing. Each Outer God competes for influence through their many vassals and envoys, who provide power to those who submit to him and grant them spells that are the essence of Outer God. It is unknown whether the secrets of these Outer Gods will be revealed in future games, but what is certain is that they are still powerful entities that are unknown.

Elden Ring: Which Outer Gods Have The Most Influence?

This guide will introduce some of the known attributes of Outer Gods, hoping to help you better defeat them and work hard for more Elden Ring Runes.

Fell God

This forgotten deity, as the name suggests, was worshiped by the dying Fire Giants and became Outer God. However, because of its lack of physical form, it may be another Outer God, but the truth may never be known. It is said that Queen Marika killed Fell God during the battle. Its last embers can still be felt in Lands Between through Fire Monk Incantations.

These powerful fire spells are passed down through Fell God’s followers, Fire Monks, and can be found in various places in the game. The true influence of Fell God on the world comes from this Fire Giant. When the player knocks this big boss to half of his health, he will open a huge flaming eye in his abdomen, showing the power of Fell God.

Formless Mother

Formless Mother’s influence is not as common as the other Outer Gods, but it is just as powerful. Sometimes called the Mother of Truth, this Outer God has a dark power that is deeply connected to blood and body. Her influence operates more in the shadows, growing through the actions of Godfrey and Marika’s demigod son, Mogh.

Omens are the outcasts of Lands Between. But Mogh embraced the pain of being excluded, even allowing one of his own horns to grow directly into his eye. Formless Mother sought out the wounded, and so she sought him out. Outer God’s spell, through the body of Formless Mother, gave Mogh great power, turning his blood into fire.

Full/Dark Moon

This celestial entity is said to possess a certain level of intelligence and has significant influence in Lands Between. While it is not yet certain whether Full/Dark Moon is an Outer God, his power has reached the level of an Outer God. Rennala and Ranni follow both sides of this power and form it into destructive sorcery.

Rennala can control Academy of Raya Lucaria through the power of Full Moon and also expand its influence to the lake area of Liurnia. Or when choosing to complete Age of Stars through Ranni’s questline, the power of Dark Moon will replace Greater Will and deify Ranni.

The influence of this entity is visible and is most obvious in the Moonlight Alter area of ​​Liurnia. Here, starlight pours down from the night sky, illuminating everything around. The player will also complete Ranni’s castling in this area by becoming her spouse.

Outer God Of Twinbirds

This unnamed Outer God can be said to be spread throughout Lands Between. It is closely related to death, and all death magic can be said to be related to him. Additionally, a weapon associated with this Outer God called Helphen’s Steeple Greatsword introduces a kind of lantern magic, much like the grace of Greater Will, but only visible to those killed in battle. This also hints at a relationship between this Outer God and fallen warriors.

This Outer God’s influence may be the power that guides the souls of fallen warriors into the afterlife. Deathbirds that can be seen everywhere are the children of this Outer God’s vassal, Twinbird. If you look closely at the wings of Deathbirds, you can see the souls of those fallen warriors. This Outer God’s influence is not as obvious as the other Outer Gods, and only simmers beneath the surface as each dead person begins to rise.

Outer God Of Rot

Little is known about this destructive Outer God, but his influence can be cleared from certain item descriptions in Elden Ring. God of Rot was sealed deep underground in Lake of Rot by a blind swordsman with a flowing sword, and his dominant influence is mainly reflected in the spread of Scarlet Rot around Caelid. Here, the player can meet NPC Gowry, who will tell you that he is a fanatical worshiper of the entity of decay.

A central figure in Elden Ring lore is Malenia with Blade of Miquella. This demigod was born with Scarlet Rot, which caused her limbs to be lost and slowly decayed. Later, she met the mysterious blind knight and became his student, learning how to prevent the effects of Scarlet Rot. Later, during the battle with Radahn, she temporarily accepted the power of Outer God and released Scarlet Rot on Caelid. When fighting Tarnished in the game, she used all Outer God’s power. Soon after, Malenia was promoted to Goddess of Rot by Outer God.

Frenzied Flame

Frenzied Flame is an Outer God that players know more about in this guide, and his influence is also spread throughout the game. While Greater Will represents order in the game, Frenzied Flame is the opposite, representing chaos. The entity of this power is easy to identify, mainly by their eyes that have been burned out and replaced with bright yellow flames.

Throughout Elden Ring, players will encounter various NPCs who worship Frenzied Flame and urge players to accept this ridiculous power. If you choose to accept it, it will eventually lead players to a hidden door underground. After opening this door, you will find Outer God’s messenger in Lands Between - Three Fingers. It will embrace Tarnished and inject them with Frenzied Flame. Another ending of this path is to choose Frenzied Flame ending, which is also the most destructive ending in the game.

Greater Will

Greater Will is a celestial entity like Full/Dark Moon and possesses great power in Lands Between. He represents light and order in the environment, and is the force that promoted Queen Marika to godhood. Early in the story, Greater Will sent Elden Beast to a golden star in Lands Between. Elden Beast is the embodiment of order, and later became Elden Ring, a symbol of Marika’s Golden Order.

Greater Will has other messengers in the game, which look like giant hands with only two fingers. Two Fingers was sent by Greater Will to Lands Between to guide the gods, select a candidate suitable to replace Marika, and usher in a new era. Although Greater Will has always maintained its power in the game, Elden Ring describes some words belonging to Greater Will that end the era, and players can choose different paths to increase the influence of Outer God.

After understanding these Outer Gods, every player has an Outer God with the highest influence in their mind. I hope this guide can help you get a better gaming experience in the game. I wish you a merry game!


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