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Elden Ring: These Crafting Items Can Help You Get More Fun! - Location & Effect & Tips

Posted: Jun 22, 2024

There are a lot of craftable items in Elden Ring, such as Glowstone and Sleep Pot, that can help you provide useful effects in various situations and give you a great gaming experience.

With the release of Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC, FromSoftware has also rebalanced the weapons and enemies in the game, and many craftable items can help you survive some encounters, even those that have become more difficult in the update.

But there are so many craftable items in Elden Ring that you need to know which ones to equip - some crafting materials can even save your life in a life-or-death situation.

Elden Ring: These Crafting Items Can Help You Get More Fun! - Location & Effect & Tips


  • Effect: Emits a weak light from the place of installation
  • Crafting Materials: Ruin Fragment (x1) Dewkissed Herba (x1)

Although you can use Lantern or Torch to illuminate dark areas in the game, neither can match the light emitted by Glowstone. This simple item can emit a powerful light anywhere, covering most of the map with you as the center. Unless you leave the area or exit the game.

It should be noted that you can carry 99 Glowstones with you, and you can store more than 600 in Storage, so you can use the above two crafting materials to make more in case of backup. In addition, Glowstone can also be used to create a “breadcrumb” trail, which can make it easier for you to pass through some dark tunnels or caves.

Sleep Pot

  • Effect: Shooting causes sleep
  • Crafting Materials: Mushroom (x1) Trina’s Lily (x1) Empty Cracked Pot (x1)

When you face some of the toughest bosses, especially those in underground regions, it is very useful to use some “cheesy” strategies. Sleep is one of the best status effects against bosses, allowing you to hit it a few more times before it wakes up and causes more damage.

Therefore, in many combat tips of Elden Ring, you will be reminded to bring more Sleep Pots. Most importantly, enemies inflicted with Sleep will receive more critical hits.

While you are happy, I still want to tell you that the game has a limited number of Cracked Pots, so Sleep Pot is very valuable. Therefore, you have to choose carefully in which battle you want to use it.

Bewitching Branch

  • Effect: Uses FP to charm enemies that are pierced.
  • Crafting Materials: Sacramental Bud (x1) Miquella’s Lily (x1)

Bewitching Branch is one of the most underrated crafting items in Elden Ring, because most players don’t realize its true power - it can charm most enemies to cooperate with you, except for bosses.

Once you use Bewitching Branch, a small pink cloud will surround the enemy, and the enemy after the spell will become your ally within 3 minutes.

However, it is not without disadvantages. The only disadvantage is that the charmed enemies will still attack you, even if they don’t mean to. You can also damage the charmed enemies, so if you still want to cooperate with them, refrain from using more AOE attacks.

Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot

  • Effect: Temporarily extend the search for an item
  • Crafting Materials: Rowa Fruit (x3) Four-Toed Fowl Foot (x1) Silver Firefly (x1)

In most open-world RPGs, loot collection is all about finding the best armor or weapons in the game, especially when the best armor or weapons in the game are hidden behind certain enemies. Luckily, with Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot, you can increase the chance of armor, weapons dropping after defeating a boss.

You can also use this item if you just want to shorten the farming time, as it increases the discovery rate by 50 for 3 minutes. However, don’t expect too much from Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot, as it is not guaranteed to be good stuff if Demigod or Boss armor drops from the corresponding boss.

Uplifting Aromatic

  • Effect: Increases ally’s attack power and reduces damage
  • Crafting Materials: Altus Bloom (x1) Budding Cave Moss (x1) Silver Tear Husk (x1) Arteria Leaf (x1)

Elden Ring is considered by many players to have the largest number of challenging world bosses in the entire FromSoftware universe. Fortunately, you can seek out other Tarnished to help you defeat most of the bad guys, which is why Uplifting Aromatic exists.

This craftable item can enhance the attack power of the entire team and increase damage for a short period, which is very important in some very difficult boss battles, and can even turn the tide. Not only in the team, Uplifting Aromatic is also very friendly to the player as Mimic Tear, the best Spirit Ash Summon, will also use it in boss battles.

Rejuvenating Boluses

  • Effect: Reduces accumulation of deadly diseases
  • Crafting Materials: Dewkissed Herba (x2) Crystal Cave Moss (x1) Golden Centipede (x1)

Rejuvenating Boluses are absolutely essential when you want to explore areas such as Volcano Manor, Deeproot Depths, Subterranean Shunning-Grounds, Lake of Rot. Because these locations have many enemies that cause Death Blight, especially Basilisk or Wormface.

In addition, Death Rite Bird or Lichdragon Fortissax, which only appears at night, can also cause Death Blight. In order to craft Rejuvenating Boluses, you need to collect Missionary’s Cookbook 7 to unlock this recipe.

Read More: How To Find Missionary’s Cookbook In Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC?

Neutralizing Boluses

  • Effect: Reduce the accumulation of poison and heal the poison
  • Crafting Materials: Herba (x1) Cave Moss (x1) Great Dragonfly Head (x1)

FromSoftware’s enemies and bosses have a tradition of not only dealing damage but also inflicting numerous status effects. These effects slowly drain the player’s health. The most annoying thing in Elden Ring is the poison, which will slowly drain your health over a minute if you don’t do anything about it.

Fortunately, Neutralizing Boluses can help you solve this problem. You need to use Armorer’s Cookbook 2 to craft it, and you need to trade with Nomadic Merchant to get it for 600 Elden Ring Runes.

Poisonbone Dart

  • Effect: Something that can be thrown away can damage and accumulate poison.
  • Crafting Materials: Thin Beast Bones (x2) Poisonbloom (x1)

Most players often overlook Poisonbone Dart when crafting items. Because they think it can do almost no damage, it is the perfect tool to trap enemies, especially those that are in groups.

In addition, you can use Poisonbone Dart to kill annoying enemies such as Giant Bats or Rats. Their health is very low, and only one Poisonbone Dart is needed to kill them. In addition, Poisonbone Dart will help you inflict Poison Build Up in boss battles - much like the unique Coil Shield.

Preserving Boluses

  • Effect: Reduces scarlet rot buildup and cures decay
  • Crafting Materials: Dewkissed Herba (x2) Crystal Cave Moss (x1) Sacramental Bud (x1)

The most common status effect in Elden Ring is Scarlet Rot, especially in Caelid region of Lands Between. But what’s worse is that many hidden areas that players haven’t discovered, such as Lake of Rot, are covered in Scarlet Rot.

Fortunately, you can craft Preserving Boluses to eliminate this annoying status effect. The only problem with crafting Preserving Boluses is that Sacramental Bud is hard to find, so you need to think twice about how to use Preserving Boluses. They are rare, but necessary.

Immunizing Cured Meat

  • Effect: Boosts immunity temporarily
  • Crafting Materials: Rowa Fruit (x5) Sliver of Meat (x1) Great Dragonfly Head (x1) Smoldering Butterfly (x1)

As mentioned earlier, Elden Ring is full of enemies that cause status effects. Immunizing Cured Meat can solve this problem very well. It can increase your immunity by 100 points in 60 seconds! But you need to be aware that it can only increase immunity, not cure status effects.

You can get it from Nomadic Merchant in Liurnia of Lakes using Elden Ring Runes, or go directly to Redmane Castle to find Armorer’s Cookbook 5, which has the recipe for Immunizing Cured Meat.

Soft Cotton

  • Effect: Temporarily reduces fall damage and noise
  • Crafting Materials: Rowa Fruit (x3) Smoldering Butterfly (x1)

Although Falling is not an enemy in the game, it is a common occurrence for many players. Falling from a hillside or ledge will usually result in your immediate death, especially if you have only invested a few points in Vigor.

However, Soft Cotton can provide a sense of comfort and security when climbing up and down. For example, it can protect you from falling when exploring Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel. It should be noted that it only increases your chances of surviving a fall, and does not increase your immunity, so you need to work hard on your attributes.

Hopefully, these craftable items can help you get through those battles comfortably during your exploration, and I wish you have a happy game in Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC!


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