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Elden Ring: The Best New Overpowered Build After The Latest Patch

Posted: Dec 09, 2023

I’ll show you this outstanding build in Elden Ring. The build itself is going to be around a specific weapon, and this weapon being the Greatsword. Now, if you do not have this weapon and you don’t know how to obtain it, well, you are in luck because I’m about to show you how to get this weapon. It really is a simple weapon to obtain. There is no massive boss to fight.

Elden Ring: The Best New Overpowered Build After The Latest Patch

It is just in a location where you simply have to go and pick it up. So you’re going to open up your map and then you’re going to proceed to travel to this rest point right over here. Now, once you spawn at this rest point, you are going to go ahead and just simply turn around and in the distance, you’re going to see this black, massive wagon. Just run up to the wagon. There are going to be some enemies.

If you can try to avoid them and just be quick about it. But once you get to the wagon, you’re going to go to the back of it and in it there will be a chest. Go ahead and open that chest and inside of it, Radahn. If you manage to pick it up and you don’t die to the enemies, you are going to get yourself the Greatsword. Now, of course, just like with any weapon, I would highly recommend you try to level this weapon up to the highest level possible. If you can max it out at level 25, that is perfect. Of course, it will be easier if you have enough Elden Ring Runes.

Regards to the weapon abilities, you can actually put any type of Ash of War on because of course it is a level 25 based weapon. So the Ash of War I highly recommend you obtain and put on this weapon is going to be the Giant Hunt. This Ash of War makes this weapon incredibly fast, allowing you to take quick swings at enemies and being able to do more damage in a shorter period.

Elden Ring Giant Hunt

So combining this weapon and this specific Ash of War is just a work of dreams. You are going to be just slaying enemies left, right and center. So it is just a magnificent combination and plus great swords are a really splendid weapon to use because they have high reach or long reach and a good amount of damage and they are a heavy weapon so you are going to be doing that heavy damage numbers.

Regarding the Talismans, we’re going to go ahead and obtain. The first one is going to be the Ritual Shield Talisman, the second one is going to be the Shard of Alexander. The third one is going to be the great Jar's Arsenal and finally the fourth one is going to be the Erdtree’s Favor. Now these medallions work magic with this weapon and this build.

If you’re wondering about Armor, you can technically use whatever armor fits you best because there aren’t no specific requirements for that part. And if you’re wondering about the Flask of Wondrous Physick, the two tears I recommend you obtain are going to be the Stone Barb Cracked Tear. When it comes to the Flask, I only recommend you use it before a massive boss fight just to get your damage up. And also you can use it when you are facing smaller enemies. But of course it is prioritizing the aspect of you fighting bosses and the flask itself is aimed at boss fights.

Definitely have these two equipped if you are going to be facing big bosses and just heavy leveled enemies. But overall this build is just really powerful. It works well with the weapons and all the requirements I mentioned will make this build even better than it originally is, just with the Greatsword and the Ash of War alone.


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