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Elden Ring: Some easily missed quests deserve attention

Posted: May 26, 2022

Posted: May 26, 2022

Source:  IGGM

Elden Ring is known for its complex gameplay and grand open world. Players entering Elden Ring for the first time may be confused by the variety of NPCs and regions. So the situation of ignoring some questlines will often occur.

Considering the situation of most players, the tasks of some NPCs with hidden locations or infrequent appearances are the most easily overlooked, but they are often worth finishing. Here are a few of the most commonly missed NPC quests:

1. Latenna Quest

As a quest only revolving around Latenna, the reason of missing depends on the prerequisites that are needed before she appears. Players will need to complete the Lakeside Crystal Cave dungeon before they can meet Latenna at Slumbering Wolf's Shack in Liurnia Lakes, which means this questline won't spawn at all if the prerequisites aren't met.

2. Boc the Seamster Quest

Boc the Seamster first appears as a small tree just south of the Agheel Lake North Site of Grace in Limgrave, making it very difficult for novice players to spot. Players who complete the Boc the Seamster Quest will help him return to human form to obtain × 10 mushrooms.

3. Sorceress Sellen Quest

Sorceress Sellen Quest is well worth completing for players who use magic-type builds, as she can provide you with more powerful magic. But to find her for the first time, you need to defeat Mad Pumpkin Head and find her room in Waypoint Ruins, which is also very easy to miss for players who have not prepared in advance.

Completing these additional NPC quests will largely help players accumulate some necessary Elden Ring Items as rewards, which will help them progress through the game.

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