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Elden Ring: Surprising Discoveries For Players In PVP Battles

Posted: Mar 27, 2023

Posted: Mar 27, 2023

Source:  IGGM

As we all know, Elden Ring is an RPG in which players can randomly customize their characters. Whether it is some genuine characters, or characters in other games or comics.

Players can recreate this classic character by putting on clothes and armor for these characters. An Elden Ring player recently encountered a player pretending to be Spider-Man in a PVP arena.

Players have as much freedom to customize their characters in Elden Ring as they do in the world of Lands Between itself. There are countless classic characters that players want to recreate. For example, a player intends to play Itachi from the anime Naruto in Elden Ring.

As long as there is a toolkit in the game that can support role-playing, there will inevitably be players who will continue to make distinct characters. The creativity of different players not only makes the game itself more interesting, but also attracts more players who love role-playing.

Fight with Spider-Man players in the PVP arena

Players’ character building in Elden Ring PVP is actually as important as their proficiency in using skills. But some players just focus on whether they can fight happily in a PVP arena. Therefore, players should not only choose the character they are interested in when building a character, but also pay attention to whether the character’s skills and weapons are useful.

We should note that the whip is often the less useful weapon in this series. However, with the recent update of Elden Ring, all this seems to have a new variable, and the whip has become more powerful.

But after the Buff of the whip appears, it is indeed very threatening to “Spider-Man” character that the player encounters in that PvP arena of Elden Ring. Recently, an Elden Ring player, kkokkollou, uploaded a video on r/Eldenring. Mainly their fight against a Spider-Man-like RPG in Elden Ring’s PvP arena.

Although the character doesn’t have a lot of cosmetics, he chose to dye his skin red and white, with white patches around his eyes. This look makes them look so superhero-like. Also, they use a pair of Urumi whips that really look like Spider-Man’s web from a distance.

Generally speaking, it favored whips in Elden Ring fights. Usually, it will provide players with a wider range of damage on the premise of not causing greater damage.

Players fight in the PVP arena

Players can also see in kkokkollou’s video that players can easily defeat scythe-wielding hostile players by using Incantation Pest Threads. Even if the enemy player uses a very powerful spell, it will not work. While Spider-Man players defeat enemies, they also cooperate with Patches’ crouching posture, which looks a lot like Spider-Man’s movements.

Elden Ring will always bring countless surprises to players, whether in that PVP arena or just doing daily tasks, players never know what will happen next. Although there will be many surprises in Elden Ring, there will be surprises once the player enters PVP mode.

Because they may encounter super powerful bosses, enough to kill players easily. Or seeing the invader NPC from Dark Souls, you will always encounter unexpected things. But players can’t let their guard down because of this. Players need to always prepare for the worst, especially when encountering friendly and interesting Spider-Man players.

If you want to try it too, don’t hesitate. Don’t forget to gear up before heading out, which you can do by acquiring enough Elden Ring Runes. Plus, you can get 5% off with the code “CSCCA” here. Come and try it out.


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