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Elden Ring: Players Discover An Unexpected Surprise

Posted: Mar 08, 2023

Posted: Mar 08, 2023

Source:  IGGM

An Elden Ring player recently came across a friendly-looking dog while exploring one of the most dangerous areas in the game. It’s also one of FromSoftware’s latest setups at Elden Ring.

During the testing process in the past year, players in all regions of the world have liked this design. There are still many mysteries in Elden Ring that have not been solved, just to let players encounter surprises at any time during the adventure. This is one of the important reasons Elden Ring is still very popular with players.

The puppies that Elden Ring players see in the game this time seem to be friendly and not aggressive. But veteran players of Elden Ring will know that these puppies are not so easy to mess with.

Although these puppies have low health and no Armor protection, most players are able to kill them in a short time. But the puppies’ offense remains a threat to Elden Ring players. Their quick attacks can easily kill players approaching these animals unsuspectingly. Especially when the player can only attack slowly with a weapon like Colossal Sword, it is more vulnerable.

Players will encounter many menacing and powerful enemies in Lands Between, but many Elden Ring still find these puppies the most annoying.

An Elden Ring player discovered an interesting thing while exploring this Royal Capital in Elden Ring, north of Leyndell. A Reddit user called dFOXb posted a post about a non-aggressive dog they found during their adventure.

Elden Ring Tough Enemy Giant Dog

When the player passes through this area, they found a puppy next to several Misbegotten Warriors. When they were fully armed and ready to approach the puppy, they found that the puppy was behaving abnormally. The puppy does not attack the player or run away when the player is close to it.

As the player becomes more comfortable with the puppy, they stand very close to the puppy. They saw other players hitting the puppy on the head with their emotes. At this time, an unexpected discovery of dFOXb, players are very curious about this, why this puppy does not attack others.

Since this incident appeared in this Elden Ring community, it has attracted the attention of many players. Elden Ring community has always had a lot of players active, as there are always players looking for new friends in Lands Between.

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Players from all over the world gather here to pat the puppy’s head and make new friends. Some Elden Ring players also took these funny pictures next to the puppies.

Regardless, it’s unknown whether the pup has an impact on the overall Elden Ring storyline, or if he’s just an Elden Ring bug that players accidentally discovered. For a game full of adventures and always worrying about danger, this puppy undoubtedly brings a different game experience to players.

In Elden Ring, if the player also wants to pat the puppy’s head, don’t forget to keep vigilant in case of being attacked by the puppy. Players can redeem suitable equipment by obtaining enough Elden Ring Runes in You can also get 5% off with the code “CSCCA”. I hope you will have a pleasant experience.


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