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Elden Ring: Legendary player 'Let Me Solo Her' gets rewarded by developers

Posted: Jul 08, 2022

Posted: Jul 08, 2022

Source:  IGGM

FromSoftware's games not only have exciting battles and mysterious legends, but the game community has brought more topics and fun to Souls games to a large extent. The same is true of Elden Ring. Since its official release in February this year, the player community has rapidly expanded, and this community effect has successfully affected even non-game fans.

There are quite a few stories and memes born from the Elden Ring player community that have become a trend, the most famous of which is the player "Let Me Solo Her", a legend known for defeating the hardest boss Malenia many times, The biggest feature is that he is naked and has a can on his head. Although the shape looks a little strange, its story has fans heating.

"Let Me Solo Her" became famous because he was summoned many times by players and helped them defeat the hardest boss in Elden Ring - Malenia. Malenia was once called the hardest boss in FromSoftware game history due to the difficulty of numerous players complaining, so "Let Me Solo Her"'s act of justice and unique appearance gradually made him famous. Up to now, "Let Me Solo Her" has successfully defeated Malenia more than 2,000 times. More and more fans are creating content related to him and paying tribute to him. It seems that his story will not be easily forgotten by fans.

"Let Me Solo Her" gets what he deserves: a full-sized, really cool sword. In fact, it's a gift to celebrate his 1,000th kill to Malenia, and "Let Me Solo Her" received it three months late due to shipping issues."Let Me Solo Her" goes by the social platform Klein Tsuboi, and just yesterday, he posted on Reddit that he received a gift in kind from Elden Ring developer Bandai Namco.

Players are already debating whether the next reward will be his signature canned helmet, which is interesting. What made Let Me Solo Her popular with Elden Ring fans was the sense of justice and passion he showed, and he doesn't seem to be retiring yet and continues to help players defeat the tricky Malenia. Of course, his excellent operation ability is also enviable. is dedicated to bringing you more Elden Ring tidbits and you can follow us for more information. In addition, we also provide cheap Elden Ring Runes/Items to support your game progress, and you can also use the code "CSCCA" to get 5% off to buy Elden Ring Runes at a lower price.


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