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Elden Ring: Invasion Quest Guide

Posted: Feb 27, 2023

Posted: Feb 27, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Intruders of Elden Ring usually only need to wave their hands at them, and they can find out the location and shoot down their targets. Lands Between in Elden Ring is a vast expanse with unknowns around every corner. 

Especially when PVP battle, the invaders also join the battle. That situation will be very dangerous for other players, no one knows what will happen. Of course, from another perspective, this situation is very beneficial to PVP invaders.

In Elden Ring, players will usually meet a character named White Mask Varre when they first exit the open world. And it will tell the player that there is no Maiden in this place. After the players finish talking, they can start their main quest line. 

White Mask Varre encourages players to take part in PVP of Elden Ring. It will give players Festering Bloody Finger and tell players they need to complete it as an invader. The task is to invade other players 3 times. In this process, the player’s purpose is not to kill other players, but to invade them.

Location of NPC invasion for White Mask Varre's quest

Among them, one player completed the invasion mission beautifully. You’ll be able to see the invasion in action in a video posted to r/Eldenring. One of the players, DrengrX, is in beautiful Leyndell, and he needs to find players there. 

When they enter one of the buildings in the city and see the player, they wave and yell at each other in the street while walking through the halls with co-op friends. The intruder will wave and shout at them again, causing the player to rush in and start attacking, but it hit rarely enemies in the room. 

An enemy team comprising two Perfumers and a High Page, with the help of Raiders, ambushed and kill all the players, giving the Raiders a victory. This successful invasion mission is very memorable for all players.

Leyndell, Royal Capital, is an enormous city, winding roads, and rugged terrain, all of which are causing great difficulties for players to complete their missions. Waiting for the player are enemies ready to ambush, like Leyndell Knights

Every corner and corridor seems perfectly set up for the enemy to prepare for an ambush. Even the invaders don’t want to kill the player in the invasion mission, but as they say, they can only continue the questline if the invasion is successful.

Elden Ring Invasion Quest

If you want to complete the invasion mission as soon as possible, some good equipment is indispensable. You can exchange equipment by getting enough Elden Ring Runes in Here, you can get a 5% discount with the code “CSCCA”. Hope you have fun.

Some successful PVP raiders can figure out clever ways to ambush players in Lake of Rot. Even if some players don’t have a good way to complete the mission, it is possible for them to win with a strong enough enemy team, sometimes even before encountering each other. 

Elden Ring’s surprises are often like the bread and butter of a combination that will make players shine during the game.


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