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Elden Ring: Invader Utilizes Thundercloud Form To Kill Multiple Opponents

Posted: Apr 15, 2023

Recently, an Elden Ring invader caused a stir in the gaming community by utilizing Thundercloud Form's ability to successfully kill an opponent in a PVP battle. Players overcome challenges in the game by discovering new strategies in the ever-changing world of Elden Ring, and players rely on their companions to achieve the ultimate victory of the game. 

As we all know, Hidetaka Miyazaki and George R. R. Martin created Elden Ring, and it features an expansive world filled with unique weapons, spells, and abilities. One of these abilities is very well known, Thundercloud Form

This ability has been getting a lot of attention from players in the community lately, as a clever invader was able to defeat multiple players by utilizing it.

Thundercloud Form is actually a special skill unique to Dragon King’s Cragblade weapon in Elden Ring. It allows the player to temporarily appear as a red Thundercloud for a short period, fly through the air, and then swoop down to inflict powerful lightning strikes on enemies. 

Elden Ring The Thundercloud Form Surprise

Players can increase Thundercloud Form’s attack range by holding down the button assigned to the skill, extending the attack time and travel distance of the player in red Thundercloud form. This weapon is very helpful for invading players. Players can get Cragblade with enough Elden Ring Runes. Players can also use the code “CSCCA” to get a 5% discount.

Among them, a Reddit user swagsta shared a recent video, which attracted the attention of many players. In this video, the player demonstrates the strategic and effective use of his Thundercloud Form ability in Elden Ring. 

At the same time, players also demonstrated how to use Thundercloud Form to trigger special attacks in corners where enemies can’t see. By quickly teleporting yourself to your opponent, you can catch them off guard and unleash powerful damage before they even notice. Among them, this clever invader used this strategy during the invasion of the Elden Ring, which turned the entire battle in their favor.

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Invasions are very important as an integral part of the PVP combat process in Elden Ring. It also provides players with challenges that test the player’s combat skills, adaptable thrills, and unpredictable encounters. 

Through swagsta’s innovative use of Thundercloud Form this time, it is not difficult to find that if players can master the game mechanics and understand the nuances of each weapon and ability in the game, it will definitely make the player’s adventure process smoother.

Elden Ring Thundercloud Form OP

The experience of swagsta has also attracted the attention of players in Elden Ring community. In fact, most players still hope to improve their game strength and make themselves stronger by learning some new skills or methods. 

By utilizing this unexpected skill and taking full advantage of Thundercloud Form’s full potential, players are sure to succeed. And swagsta can use Thundercloud Form skill to kill multiple opponents, which shows the usability and powerful power of this skill.

This event will probably change the way players engage in PVP combat in Elden Ring. Because the Thundercloud Form’s effectiveness in the invasion may push more players to try Dragon King’s Cragblade and its unique abilities. 

As players continue to try out more new weapons and tactics in Elden Ring, and unlock new unsolved mysteries, players can also look forward to seeing more wonderful and exciting surprises in the future. 

And swagsta’s video proves that the game can inspire creativity while also making players rethink their strategies, ensuring that Elden Ring remains an engaging experience for all who venture into the world.


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