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Elden Ring: How To Get Legendary Talismans Which Can Reduce Cast Time? - Radagon Icon

Posted: May 12, 2023

As a spellcaster, the most frustrating thing is not being able to cast spells in time to kill enemies. However, here are a few ways to increase spellcasting speed in Elden Ring. You can also help your spellcasting speed by equipping Legendary Talismans Radagon Icon in-game.

Radagon Icon is Talismans of choice for players as a spellcasting build, as it not only gives the player a cast time advantage but also has a high Dex stat.

Therefore, players do not need to spend any points on anything other than Faith or Intellect. It can be obtained before the player fights any Shardbearers, though there are some obstacles in the way, such as Academy of Raya Lucaria.

Elden Ring: Where to get Radagon Icon?

Radagon Icon is easily one of the fastest cast Elden Ring Talismans, making it the best source of power for both spellcasters and mixed playstyles. However, one important detail left out in this guide is that it is not necessarily the only way to increase Elden Ring’s casting speed.

In fact, we can achieve a similar cast time reduction peak by having a high Dexterity stat, but be careful not to invest too much in this stat. Agile users should avoid these Talismans entirely. But others will find that even a slightly faster casting time can affect the ability to complete a spell before it is interrupted.

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How To Get Radagon Icon?

Radagon Icon is hidden in Academy of Raya Lucaria. After entering Academy, you can find a Glintstone Key from a dragon in the northwest. You need to use Glintstone Key on the seal of the gate.

After you make your way through the graveyard and hordes of Raya Lucarian Sorcerers and Jar, the player will encounter the first boss, Red Wolf of Radagon.

After defeating this boss, the player touches Grace, and then they can go to the courtyard. But don’t go too far. Usually, turn right at the entrance of the gate and back. You can see the parapet overlooking the roof below.

Elden Ring: Radagon Icon Legendary Talisman Location

Jump over the guardrail to the roof, then climb up the ladder and walk a short way forward to get over the tiles. This is the upper area leading to the boss’ room, then the player goes around to the right of the balcony to find a chest containing Legendary Talismans.

Problems Needing Attention When Using Radagon Icon

Radagon Icon is a Legendary Talisman that can cast spells in quick succession. The effect is noticeable, but only reduces each cast by a fraction of a second. Even so, it makes it easier for the player to finish casting the spell before getting hit.

This effect is especially noticeable with spells that take a long time to cast. Such as Full Moon Sorceries related to Rennala and Ranni. It is worth noting, however, that Dexterity attribute will also affect the player’s cast time in Elden Ring. It’s just that Radagon Icon that players can get doesn’t necessarily stack with the high Dex effect.

Elden Ring: Problems Needing Attention When Using Radagon Icon

It’s a matter of diminishing returns, so it’s best to either focus on Dexterity, or Talismans with the cast time buff, but not both. The cast time will be a bit faster than either effect, but it’s not noticeable, and Talismans gauge can be replaced with one of the caster’s best Talismans, such as Graven-Mass Talisman.

Note that Radagon Icon does not work with non-spell stuff. Because they are a spell that must be equipped and cast like a spell. But neither Ashes of War nor other similar spells benefit from Radagon Icon. Only spells cast with Seal and Staff benefit from the influence of these Legendary Talismans.

All in all, having a Radagon Icon will greatly improve the gaming experience of players, especially spellcasters. Therefore, I suggest that you can use Elden Ring Runes to get a Radagon Icon. I believe it will make your game process more smooth. Don’t forget, you can also use the code “CSCCA” to get an extra 5% off. Try it now!


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