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Elden Ring: How To Defeat Malenia At Level 1 With An Unupgraded Weapon

Posted: Mar 07, 2023

Posted: Mar 07, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Recently, a player defeated the difficult boss Malenia, Blade of Miquella, using an unexpected weapon, a non-upgraded melee weapon at level 1. It is impressive that this player was able to complete such a difficult challenge. As Elden Ring progresses, you put various builds to the test on this notoriously tough boss, trying to find what kind of build can defeat her. For you, this can be a very powerful and useful magic build capable of knocking Malenia down before she can move. Others will test things out differently, trying something more creative with their consumables. However, some players will learn about their proficiency without having gained any levels.

The fight with Malenia is the toughest boss fight in the entire game. Malenia became one of the famous bosses because some players fought her more than 300 times before defeating her. After traversing Miquella's grueling legacy dungeon in Haligtree, Malenia's boss fight takes place. When you're fighting Malenia, she'll come at you quickly in a series of slashes that appear to be endless, and won't be soft on you for a moment. She only needs one combo to kill you if you're not careful enough. When this is over, she will enter the second phase called Goddess of Rot Malenia. During this phase, Scarlet Rot is added to her attack. If you're just going head-to-head with her with normal melee weapons, then this is a hard challenge for you.

Elden Ring Malenia

However, there is one player who just wants to take the thing: attacking Malenia with a weapon that hasn't been upgraded at the beginning of level 1. On Reddit, there is a video showing user gilfordtan using a Vulgar Militia Saw without an upgrade as a level 1 character. Overall, the Vulgar Militia Saw is a great weapon at level 1. It can cause 126 physical attack damage to enemies. The most important point is that it has something that Malenia doesn't have, which is to increase Blood Loss buildup. In Elden Ring, many builds related to blood use the powerful Rivers of Blood Katana. However, Vulgar Militia Saw works here too.

Elden Ring Vulgar Militia Saw

If the weapon that causes Blood Loss is used repeatedly, it can trigger an effect called Hemorrhage. This effect can affect a certain percentage of the affected boss's Max HP. The player fights by relying on this huge health loss while doing well-timed dodges, parries, and using Impaling Thrust and knocking Malenia into the air with one of Elden Ring's Ashes of War. They know all about Malenia's movements. This allows them to attack Malenia at the perfect time to trigger the Hemorrhage effect, reducing her health. After both of her phases are defeated, the player is still at level 1.

In Elden Ring, if Malenia is still the hardest boss to beat in the game, that might change with the new DLC. At that time, whether it is the overpowering Mimic Tear or the unupgraded Vulgar Militia Saw, more players will definitely try to use other methods to defeat her. Well, all this is showing you one thing: as long as you have enough professional knowledge and strong willpower, then you have a good chance of defeating the most difficult boss in Elden Ring.

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