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Elden Ring: How To Get Comet? - A Complete Guide

Posted: Apr 21, 2023

Posted: Apr 21, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Elden Ring’s most basic spell allows the player to fire Glintstone pebbles at your enemies, which in turn do minimal damage to them. As your character build progresses, the spells you wield become more powerful, dealing more damage to enemies, and even providing additional attack effects.

It should be noted that players must be extremely careful when considering the use of spells and in the process of casting spells, especially when using Intelligence-based builds, because they will become very easy targets for enemies to lock and attack during a long casting process.

While other spells may have various and even more powerful effects, Comet Spell will target Glintstone’s magic weaknesses, especially in the form of Comet, which instantly fires a larger and more powerful Glintstone pebble.

Although the spell has a short casting time, its ability to deal a lot of damage to enemies at once makes it an excellent choice for magic users.

Elden Ring Comet Spell Location

Where To Find Comet

Comet is usually hidden in schools or Raya Lucaria. In front of Debate Parlor is the arena where players fight Red Wolf Of Radagon boss. Some players will find that this arena is different from what they have encountered before. This is a room full of bookshelves on the walls.

Players in this room can easily spot a location where there are no books on the bookshelves by looking from the rear right side of the wall in front of Debate Parlor. Once the player finds this location and attacks it to reveal it as a hallucination, the player can discover a way down the hallway. Go down the corridor to a small room with a chest in the middle, open it, and loot it to find Comet Spell.

Elden Ring Where To Get Comet

How To Use Comet

To use Comet, players need to use 52 points of Intelligence to memorize it, and it will also take up 1 memory slot, and 24 FP will be consumed during the casting process. Comet Spell deals with pure magic damage to enemies, although it takes a little longer to cast when charged and does more damage.

Even with normal casting, this spell has the ability to break down an enemy’s defenses and deal damage to multiple enemies at once, which also makes this spell great for dealing with groups of enemies.

Despite its prime requirements and damage output, this spell has a relatively short casting time compared to other, more demanding spells. We can also cast this spell in quick succession, making it a good option to tackle spam.

Elden Ring How To Get Most Powerful Spell COMET AZURE

This spell is demanding on the player to use, but well worth it for those willing to put in points to get their Intelligence to 52. This spell may not knock back or stun your enemies right away, but you can deal enough damage to wipe out most basic enemies before they get there, preventing the player from taking the damage first.

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Also, the fast cast time helps make this spell a splendid choice for players go to build. And some other powerful spell options with longer casting times give you faster options in more drastic situations.

Although the base attack damage of this spell is already very high, you can further enhance your damage output by equipping Azur’s Glintstone Crown in advance, causing more damage to enemies than usual. Therefore, this equipment is still very necessary for many novice players. You can obtain it by using Elden Ring Runes to help you kill enemies faster. Luckily, you can also get 5% off by using the code “CSCCA” or join "Free Elden Ring Runes & Items Giveaway" event. Come and try it out.

Free Elden Ring Runes & Items Giveaway

The above is the whole content about how to find and use Comet Spell, which I want to share today. I hope readers can help you find it faster. Have a great day.


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