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Elden Ring: Explore The Relevance Of Maleigh Marais And Shaded Castle With The DLC

Posted: Mar 28, 2024

The recently released Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree gameplay trailer is overflowing with information. In this trailer analysis, we delve into the narrative of Maleigh Marais and the Shaded Castle, exploring its relevance to the upcoming Elden Ring DLC.

The world of Elden Ring is expansive and vast, and even though the lands we play through are primarily dead, decorated with relics of the past, the storied history contained within makes it all feel very much alive. But this world is about to get much bigger, and more stories will be told, adding even more complexity to the lore that’s already established. Prepare for enough Elden Ring Runes and then we dive into the world of Elden Ring DLC.

Elden Ring: Explore The Relevance Of Maleigh Marais And Shaded Castle With The DLC

House Marais

The Marais family's history is deeply rooted in the Shaded Castle, with a dual role as executioners and castellans. Their distinctive blue robe, ornamental mask, and blood-soaked bandages characterize them. Despite their authority, all male heirs were born sickly, suggesting a curse. It's unclear if this stems from the swamp or their nature. They were employed for darker deeds beyond the castle, as seen in Capital Outskirts. This indicates a complex history beyond mere executioners, intertwined with royalty and grim tasks.

Maleigh Marais

If the Marais family enjoyed prominence and favor with the capital, what caused their downfall? To answer this, we examine Maleigh Marais, the current head of the family, found outside the walls of the Shaded Castle. Armed with a poisonous Antspur Rapier, Maleigh was deeply devoted to the legend of Scarlet Rot, embodying his own personal goddess, Melenia.

However, his obsession led to neglect of his duties as executioner and governor, allowing others to seize power. A ghost at the castle's base remarks on the family's ruin, attributing it to Maleigh Marais. This downfall is further detailed in the tale of Elemer of the Briar, who stole the Marais Executioner's Greatsword and ousted Maleigh, leading to the castle's destruction.

Maleigh's story illustrates the consequences of forsaking duty, offering insight into the culture of the Lands Between and its transformation over time, which is pertinent to the upcoming DLC.

Shaded Castle

In the northern half of Elden Ring's map, along the border of Altus Plateau in Mt. Gelmir, is a ruined castle that bears the markings of time. Situated at the exit of a ravine and sunken into a poisonous swamp, with many of the structures within the keep walls destroyed and submerged. From the outside looking in, it appears to be a terrible place to live, unfit for anyone of nobility.

Elden Ring Shaded Castle

However, once upon a time, it was a fair castle ruled over by a house, a family of nobility whose story is marred in confusion, obsession, and tragedy. The denizens of this Shaded Castle are House Marais, who were once prominent, living lives of royalty. Although afflicted by a curse, a curse that would eventually, through one descendant, cause a chain of events that would bring down not only the family but the Shaded Castle as well.

DLC Contents

Before the shattering, the world of Elden Ring embraced a high fantasy theme, distinct from many of FromSoftware's other works. Central to this theme is the narrative focus on families and houses, with demi-gods and their offspring playing significant roles. Despite minor interactions with factions like House Hoslow, much of the lore surrounding houses remains underdeveloped. However, the DLC trailer hints at a deeper exploration of this aspect.

Notably, the NPCs in the trailer wear masks reminiscent of those worn by the Marais family, suggesting a broader cultural significance. These masks, used to conceal signs of disease, hint at a shared tradition across various cultures, including the Knight of Zamor.

Miyazaki's mention of the Land of Shadow, home to a different culture from the Lands Between, further supports this idea. Exploring various houses outside the influence of divine authority could provide insight into the larger scope of the world. House Marais serves as a starting point for unraveling these mysteries, offering a glimpse into the diverse cultures and histories that await exploration in the DLC.


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