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Elden Ring: A Comprehensive Guide To Thiollier Questline In Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC

Posted: Jun 28, 2024

Thiollier is a key NPC in Elden Ring, and he has an important questline that runs throughout Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. Here, we’ll cover the entire Thiollier Questline and the many unique rewards that can be obtained along the way. Let’s get straight into it!

Finding Thiollier

The first thing we need to do is find Thiollier. From Gravesite Plain Sites of Grace, we’ll move northeast, across Ellac Greatbridge, and to Castle Front.

Elden Ring: A Comprehensive Guide To Thiollier Questline In Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC

We can then move southeast along the main path, which will eventually branch off into a side path that will take us to Pillar Path Cross. We can find Thiollier nearby.

After speaking all of Thiollier’s dialogue, we’ll be able to obtain poison-related items from him.

Obtaining Thiollier’s Concoction

Next, we can head to Main Gate Cross, where we’re going to talk to another NPC, Moore. If we choose “Talk to Moore” option, he should give us Black Syrup Key Item.

Then, on the way back to Thiollier, we can choose “Give Black Syrup”, then “Ask about Black Syrup”, and finally “I’m weary of life”. This will give us Thiollier’s Concoction. Of course, we can also get more of this consumable from Thiollier for 30,000 Elden Ring Runes each. However, I only know of one legitimate use for it.

At some point during Dragon Communion Priestess Quest, before fighting Bayle, it is possible to give Thiollier’s Concoction to her in order to use her as Spirit Summons after defeating Bayle, instead of her Priestess Heart and Flowerstone Gavel weapon. Unfortunately, I haven’t tested this myself yet.

Elden Ring Thiollier's Concoction

Talking To Needle Knight Leda

Anyway, to progress further on Thiollier’s quest, we need to approach Shadow Keep and talk to Thiollier. He should say that Miquella’s charm for him is gone, and that he is haunted by the memory of St. Trina.

If we want, we can do something completely optional. We can go to Highroad Cross Site of Grace and talk to Needle Knight Leda. She will ask for our help in finding those who betrayed Miquella. We should be able to advise Thiollier, but we don’t actually have to.

From my testing, doing so will not prevent us from completing Thiollier’s quest, but if we want to play it safe, we can just not make any suggestions or talk to her at all.

Instead, to advance Thiollier’s quest line, all we have to do is rest twice at Site of Grace. After doing that, we can talk to Thiollier again and he will tell us that he is heading south.

Get Southern Shore Map

Next, we need to head south to Cerulean Coast, which is located in Southern Shore region. Let’s move on to how to get the corresponding map for the region.

We will start at Castle Front Site of Grace and move southeast, this time along the east side of the main road. Behind a few Soldiers of Messmer, there is a series of steep but climbable descents that lead to Ellac River.

Once down the hill, we can enter a cave system to the south, near an enormous pink Miranda Flower. We will then head southwest through the caves, free to explore along the way.

We can pick up a Revered Spirit Ash before discovering Ellac River Cave Site of Grace. From there, we will continue south through the cave system.

Note that there are several platforming sections here that need to be handled with caution to avoid death from fall damage. Another enormous threat is the lines of Gravebirds along the way.

Despite the dangers, we should eventually reach Ellac River Downstream Site of Grace. From here, it’s a little further south to exit this cave.

That being said, we still need to continue moving south, passing a few Lightning Sheep and a Furnace Golem. We can then turn west and walk through a forest to reach Cerulean Coast. We still need to continue moving south to find a map of this area.

Be careful of Ghostflame Dragon here, though, which will swoop down near the center of the field. It’s much more powerful than the one found in Gravesite Plains. Not far from the dragon, we’ll find Southern Shore Map, and further ahead, one of Miquella’s Crosses, as well as Cerulean Coast Cross Site of Grace.

Where to Find Southern Shore Map Fragment in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree?

Heading To Stone Coffin Fissure

From here, we’ll continue moving south. Near the southern end of this area, we’ll find a large fissure with a series of drop-offs that will require careful climbing to reach the bottom and discover Site of Grace.

Next, we’ll head south from Stone Coffin Fissure Site of Grace and head into the lower reaches of this area. There’s a loose rock here that will break off when we step on it, and we’ll somehow land safely on the ground below.

Before descending further, we can move northwest from Fissure Cross and descend into a secluded area. Watch out for falling putrescent oozes. We can then move a short distance east to find Velvet Sword of St. Trina.

We can then return to the last Grace and begin our descent in earnest. This time, we’ll head north, making our way from coffin to coffin.

There are a few Gravebirds guarding the path here, as well as a nasty Lookout Stone enemy that periodically fires lasers with pinpoint accuracy. If you want to play it safe, just take your time through this section, dealing with Lookout Stones as you go.

Eventually, we should reach Fissure Waypoint Site of Grace. From here, we’ll move northeast and jump onto a natural stone path. There’s a Shade form of a Lionel Misbegotten up ahead, so we might want to deal with Skeleton Warriors before moving on.

Anyway, Lionel Misbegotten shade drops a Multilayered Ring of Light incantation when defeated, and from there it’s a short distance southeast to reach Fissure Depths Site of Grace.

Defeat Putrescent Knight Boss

Next, we’ll head southwest along Coffin and jump off the end to reach the boss chamber. Note that there’s a summon sign for Thiollier near where we land, so be prepared for a fight.

Putrescent Knight Boss isn’t particularly powerful, but it’s also capable of dealing a lot of damage quickly. One of its blue flame moves is particularly dangerous, but can be avoided if timed correctly. After we’ve won, we’ll gain Remembrance of Putrescence, and Garden of Deep Purple Site of Grace will appear nearby.

Elden Ring Putrescent Knight Boss

Main Quest

Next, we can rest for a while at Site of Grace, then head west along the tunnel. We should find Thiollier talking to himself, and we can pick up St. Trina Disciple’s Cookbook [3] nearby.

We’ll need to talk to Thiollier a few more times until he doesn’t have anything new to say. Next, we’ll need to return to Site of Grace and rest there a total of three times. Once we’ve done that, we can return to Thiollier, who will once again be talking to himself. We can talk to him again, but he won’t have much to say.

For the next part, we will die a few times. We need to approach St. Trina and Imbibe Nectar, which will lead to our death. Then we need to repeat this step, Imbibe Nectar 4 times in total.

After the fourth Imbibe Nectar, a new event should be triggered, and we can then be resurrected at Site of Grace. We can then go and talk to Thiollier once more and convey the words of St. Trina. He will tell us to stop, but despite this, we should try to do it again.

After talking to Thiollier until his dialogue runs out, we can return to Site of Grace and rest there. Trying to return to St. Trina will trigger another battle, which is fairly easy. After we win, we will obtain St. Trina’s Smile Talisman, which increases attack power when sleep is triggered nearby.

If we return to the cave and talk to Thiollier, he will ask us a question, but we can’t answer it yet. Instead, we need to Imbibe Nectar 2 more times from St. Trina, or until she has nothing new to say.

Then we can return to Thiollier and deliver St. Trina’s last words, talking to him until there is no new dialogue. If we go to Site of Grace to rest and return to Thiollier, he will not do much except sighing when talking to him.

The last steps of Thiollier Questline take place at the same time as the last part of the major story of DLC. We need to reach a place called Enir-Ilim. Reaching this location requires defeating the ultimate boss in Shadow Keep, as well as the last boss in Ancient Ruins of Rauh area. After that, burn Sealing Tree in Church of the Bud, which will bring us to Enir-Ilim.

Given that the end of this questline is completed after defeating the last boss of DLC, which is extremely difficult, I recommend exploring Shadow Realm and collecting as many Scadutree Fragments and Revered Spirit Ashes as possible before continuing.

Summon Thiollier For Final Boss Fight

If you have completed all the steps in this guide, you should be able to summon Thiollier to assist you in the next boss fight. This is the second to last boss fight, and there are many rewards for completing it.

Heading to Divine Gate Front Staircase, and following the stairs up, we will find a summoning sign for Thiollier, as well as a summoning sign for Ansbach, assuming we have not betrayed him at any point.

I am not sure if summoning Thiollier is necessary to complete his quest, but I did summon him for the fight. If you want to take the risk and not summon him for the fight to see if you can still complete the quest, then that is your choice.

As mentioned before, the ultimate boss is very difficult. For myself, I am level 225, using Heavy Armor and Fingerprint Shield to block his worst attacks, as well as top-level Talismans, focusing on improving my defense, stamina regen, and casting speed.

Even so, it took me a few hours to finally defeat both Promised Consort Radahn and Radahn Consort of Miquella. If anyone has found a strategy that works particularly well against Radahn, I’m sure many others would be very grateful to you for sharing it.


Anyway, once the last boss is defeated, we can move on to touching the memories left behind. We can find Thiollier’s body near the entrance to the arena and pick up Thiollier’s Hidden Needle Weapon and his Armor set.

Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree: Thiollier Full Quest Rewards

Finally, we can return to St. Trina near Garden of Deep Purple and pick up Legendary St. Trina’s Blossom Head Armor, which will slightly increase your max FP. It also emits a faint glow, so that’s great.

That’s it for my complete guide for this Thiollier Questline. Have a great day!


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