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Elden Ring: Choose The Ten Best Incantations To Do More Damage In Endgame!

Posted: Jun 08, 2024

Finding weapons and spells that do more damage to enemies is an important factor for all players to win the endgame.

However, many players overlook Incantation in Elden Ring, which can also provide offensive and defensive buffs to enemies, and some spells even allow you to cause actual physical and elemental damage to enemies. You can even say that Incantation is a substitute for Sorcery.

However, there are more than 100 Incantations available in Elden Ring, and it may be difficult to decide which Incantation is the best to use in the endgame. This article will show you the 10 best Elden Ring Incantations to make your battle easier. Follow this guide and you’ll be ready to shine in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC when it releases on June 21st!

Elden Ring: Choose The Ten Best Incantations To Do More Damage In Endgame!

1. Dragonclaw

  • Requirement: 17 Faith, 13 Arcane
  • FP Usage: 24

Dragonclaw Incantation, one of the dragon-based Incantations, is one of Elden Ring Incantations you can get. Using Dragonclaw Incantation summons a Dragonclaw to attack the target, dealing Fire Damage to the enemy.

To obtain Dragonclaw Incantation, obtain a dragonheart from a dragon. Then take the dragonheart to Church of Dragon Communion in Limgrave. If you can't get more dragonhearts, Elden Ring Runes can help you.

2. Lightning Spear

  • Requirement: 17 Faith
  • FP Usage: 18

Using Lightning Spear Incantation summons a Lightning Spear to throw at the enemy, zone the enemy, and deal Lightning Damage. This Incantation will show a cool animation.

To obtain Lightning Spear Incantation, give Prayerbook to Brother Corhyn or Turtle Miriel Dragon Cult.

3. Flame, Grant Me Strength

  • Requirement: 15 Faith
  • FP Usage: 28

Using Flame, Grant Me Strength Incantation can enhance Physical and Fire-Affinity Attacks against enemies.

The way to obtain Flame, Grant Me Strength Incantation, is to find a corpse between two Flame Chariots, which you encounter when you first visit Fort Gael in Western Caelid.

4. Black Flame

Elden Ring Black Flame

  • Requirement: Faith 20
  • FP Usage: 18

Black Flame Incantation, one of Dark Elden Ring Incantations, throws a ball of Black Flame at the enemy, which can charge up to deal with additional damage to the enemy and explode on impact, and the damage is continuous.

The way to obtain Black Flame Incantation is to give Godskin Prayerbook obtained from Stormveil Castle to Brother Corhyn or Miriel.

5. Glintstone Breath

  • Requirement: 15 Faith, 12 Arcane
  • FP Usage: 28

Using Glintstone Breath Incantation can cast a powerful magical breath. After all, Glinstone has a high value, and there are many Incantations based on Glinstone in Elden Ring.

The way to obtain Glintstone Breath Incantation is to obtain a dragonheart from a dragon. Then take the dragonheart to Church of Dragon Communion in Caelid.

6. Ancient Dragons’ Lightning Strike

  • Requirement: 26 Faith
  • FP Usage: 36

The way to use Ancient Dragons’ Lightning Strike Incantation to cause Lightning Damage to the enemy is to summon Red Lightning above the enemy. Therefore, Ancient Dragons’ Lightning Strike Incantation is also an Incantation based on Lightning.

Ancient Dragons’ Lightning Strike Incantation is obtained by giving Ancient Dragons Prayerbook obtained from Crumbling Farum Azula to Brother Corhyn or Miriel. However, you will need to spend 10,000 runes to get it.

7. Swarm Of Flies

  • Requirement: 11 Faith, 16 Arcane
  • FP Usage: 14

Using Swarm of Flies Incantation is to summon Frenzied Bloodflies to deal Attack and Bleed Damage to enemies. Blood is the main form of damage you deal to enemies in Elden Ring, and you will even see a lot of blood.

The way to get Swarm of Flies Incantation is to pick up a corpse. This corpse is located at Palace Approach Ledge-Road site of Grace on the way to Moghwyn Palace.

8. Elden Stars

Elden Ring Elden Stars

  • Requirement: 50 Faith
  • FP Usage: 41

Using Elden Stars Incantation will create a golden Projectile that will attack enemies, causing Magic and Faith Damage, and you can even kill them if you cast enough.

The way to get Elden Stars Incantation is after fighting the giant ant in the cave. This cave is located west from the top of Deep Root Depths waterfall. After reaching some roots, look northwest and you will see a cave with roots leading to it.

9. Ekzykes’s Decay

  • Requirement: 23 Faith
  • FP Usage: 15 Arcane

Using Ekzykes’s Decay Incantation is to spray Scarlet Rot’s breath of Ekzykes from above the enemies. In Elden Ring, Scarlet Rot is a major story element.

To get Ekzykes’s Decay Incantation, you need two dragonhearts. You need to defeat Ekzykes, the dragon who guards Church of Dragon Communion in Caelid.

10. Burn O Flame!

  • Requirement: 27 Faith
  • FP Usage: 26

Using Burn O Flame! Incantation is to raise a Flame Pillar around you to control and block enemies, and when you come into contact with the enemy, it will cause Fire Damage to them.

Now you know Elden Ring Incantation that you should master to cause huge damage to enemies in the game! By understanding this information, you not only understand the role of these Incantations, but also know how to obtain them. Each Incantation covers offensive and defensive options that will help you complete your journey. So go and get these Incantations in the game!


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