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Elden Ring: Player Art for Scenes in Albinaurics

Posted: Feb 18, 2023

An Elden Ring player used Microsoft Paint to create this haunting scene of Albinaurics walking in the snow. 

Impressive locations in Elden Ring are numerous. And this painting focuses on the more rugged and dark game environment in which Albinaurics is located, giving other players a different perspective to explore Elden Ring.

Albinaurics are enemies in the form of humans in Elden Ring, said to be artificially created through "face pinching". Albinaurics have two different appearances in the game, First Generation looks more like a human, and Second Generation looks more like a mutated monster

Scenario Creation for Elden Ring Players

The name Albinaurics can be roughly understood as "bright or white halo" through Latin translation. Because the lore behind Albinaurics isn't fully dissected in true fashion Soulsborne, they aren't redeemed by Erdtree, despite its strong hints of being artificial. At the same time, it also means that many people are drawn to Miquella's Haligtree for salvation.

A user from Reddit, Ssosme, also used artistic renderings to depict 3 scenes of Second Generation Albinaurics crossing the snow field, but the place where Albinaurics went was Erdtree instead of Haligtree. The purpose of Haligtree's existence is to provide refuge for people who have no home in the world. 

Miquella respects all living things and takes the position that all living things in the world need a space to thrive. Relatively speaking, Erdtree is very selective about who can accept its redemption. 

Although some people are not optimistic about Erdtree and think that Erdtree is a huge parasite, it has to be believed that Erdtree is still one of the symbols of Elden Ring. 

Ssosme also uses MS Paint to depict the beautiful scenery of Erdtree in Elden Ring.

Ssosme's works have a very obvious painting style. He expresses the texture of the picture by means of painting, and explores the unique scenery belonging to Elden Ring from his own Romantic perspective. At the same time, this perspective is also confirmed in the landscape paintings made by previous players in Liurnia

The concept of nature was a key component in Romantic art era and has always been overwhelmingly dominant. At the same time, the power of human beings in Romantic era seems to be negligible. 

This idea fits with the themes found in Elden Ring, linking the natural environment with God, adding a mythological twist. 

At the same time, it is also reflected many times in Elden Ring, such as how Erdtree redeems all living beings, saves the world, and the breathtaking natural landscape of The Lands Between.

Elden Ring sets The Lands Between with a vast territory and self-contained world for you to explore. In it, all the settings of the natural environment and biome are modeled on the real environment to establish and improve. 

Scene setup for Elden Ring

Therefore, the uniqueness of each location in the game allows players to quickly identify Elden Ring. Because each location is very challenging and playable, it has attracted many people to explore, making many players regard Elden Ring as a new standard for future open world games. 

Players challenge the levels of each location to obtain corresponding loot (such as Crucible Hornshield - No Strengthen, Crystal Dart, Bewitching Branch, etc.), to increase the fun of the game.

Although not every game is lucky enough to have the budget and team to create such a complex and robust open world. However, other games, such as Hogwarts Legacy, are able to have Easter eggs from Elden Ring, and these are also able to show players their awe and appreciation for the natural world. 

At the same time, game players are also making more subtle works of art in various ways, just like the paintings of MS in the previous Ssosme.

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