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Elden Ring 1.10: How To Beat Malenia By Using Cheese Method?

Posted: Dec 12, 2023

Don't feel bad if you have to use a cheese method to take down Malenia in Elden Ring. The method can work with really any weapon set, but I found that the Rivers of Blood was the best Katana for shredding down her health bar with my build. High stagger weapons also work really well as her poise can be broken fairly easily for a boss type enemy. Malenia, Blade of Miquella may take many attempts but with this cheese boss guide you can take her down!

Having sufficient Elden Ring Runes is also very necessary if you want to complete the game more easily and quickly.

Elden Ring 1.10: How To Beat Malenia By Using Cheese Method?

The first thing we’re going to do is we want to have the Shabriri's Woe, and then we’re going to take it off at the very start of the battle while Malenia is running towards us. The reason for doing this is it’s going to make her go towards our mimic instead of us, which allows us to just spam our attacks.

So, using the Rivers of Blood is really useful here since she is vulnerable to the bleed damage, as she also does it herself. But I think that the best thing you can do here is just spam Corpse Piler from the side, and whenever she does inevitably aggro on you, work on just dodging her attacks to the best of your ability. She has that really long Katana, making it difficult to dodge, but if you’re able to get to the side and just completely spam your attacks, she’ll be down in no time.

You really want the mimic to last to the second phase of this, and you do that by damaging her really quickly, as she’s going to heal herself as she hits you. So, watch out for the Waterfowl Dance. You want to get her down really quickly in this first phase.

For the second phase, it’s best to just stick back at the start, and you’ll see here what to do. But this is a kind of where you get stuck if she keeps healing herself and continually brings that health bar back up. During the second phase, we’re going to watch out for this attack, as she does of damage with it. As you can see, just watching for the petals because, as they come downwards, they’re going to hit you as well and deal damage. My mimic got hit by it; he didn’t get the memo. But this is now time to start spamming Corpse Piler again.

Elden Ring Malenia

Now, I’ve also beaten her using a Strength build, so using heavy hammers you can stagger her really easily, but I found this weapon to work really well as she can be pretty quickly, and it takes down her health very fast. So, I would recommend using this if you got Rivers of Blood. If not, you can build for it, and it can be an incredibly powerful build.

I would also recommend that Shabriri's Woe that I talked with at the start is it gets her to focus on your mimic more so than you, and I found that to be a pretty powerful technique in some bosses that might be a bit more challenging, as she is very challenging. But watch out for this attack, stick it back, and let her do her thing, and then come in. Make sure you keep your FP high because you want to use your weapon arts as they deal a lot of damage.

Now she inflicted me with Scarlet Rot. Ideally, this doesn’t happen until right about now, as if you don’t pay attention, it will take you out. But that’s how you can cheese Malenia, Goddess of Rot, and Blade of Miquella in Elden Ring. Shabriri's Woe helps a lot, as well as using bleed damage.


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