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Diablo 4: The Simplest Way To Farm Sigil Power For Dungeons Or Abbatoir Of Zir

Posted: Dec 18, 2023

I’m going to show you the best and easiest way to grab yourself some easy Sigil Powder in Diablo 4 if you need to make some Sigils. Perfect for anyone who’s returning for seasonal content, such as the Abbatoir of Zir at the moment. I’m going to show you one way that should work all the way through the game, no matter what content you’re playing, and then another way that’s going to be great for this seasonal event and probably will work in any upcoming ones as well.

The first way we’re going to be going over is one that you should always be able to do. You’re going to want to use a Nightmare Dungeon Sigil that you can complete quite easily and fast. The thing you’re going to be doing with this is clearing the content, making your way through it, but ultimately, you’re going to want to be taking out the enemies at a really nice pace. For this, you’re not going to want to be completing the dungeon; you’re just going to want to be having a lot of mobs available ready for you to take out. As you’re clearing them, you’re going to be looking for those Nightmare Sigils to drop.Diablo 4: The Simplest Way To Farm Sigil Power For Dungeons Or Abbatoir Of Zir

I usually find a few good ones would be one such as this right here, carry on Field, or the Sirocco Caverns are really nice because of their mob density. Obviously, it depends on the season and what nightmare dungeons are available to you. Ultimately, you want somewhere that has a lot of mob density. If there are Nightmare Portals as one modifier, that works amazingly. Your aim is just to clear all the enemies within it as fast as possible, but not completely complete the dungeon itself.

Once you’ve done that and managed to grab yourself a couple of Sigils as you’ve gone, then you’re going to want to make sure that you’ve cleared out as many enemies as you possibly can before going on to the part or the boss where you go and complete the dungeon. From there, you’ll then be able to reset it. So, what you’re going to do: you’re going to leave the dungeon like you see here, and then, depending on what you’ve done. If you’ve picked up a lot of gear, you’ll be able to go straight back, get yourself some nice resources, or earn yourself some gold because you’re going to have a timer before the dungeon resets, anyway.

It’s roughly about 2 and 1/2 minutes before you can make your way back into the same dungeon, allowing you to rinse and repeat this process without spending any sigil powder crafting any additional nightmare dungeons. Obviously, you won’t be getting the experience for completing it and getting the glyph XP, but if you’re just after that dust, then this way is absolutely amazing.

Go back into the dungeon, rinse and repeat to your heart’s desire, and then, once you’ve got enough Sigils, go back to the occultist and then dismantle them all and grab yourself some nice powder. This way works perfectly all the way through the game. But if you’re on seasonal content and you think your build’s viable for something like the Abbatoir of Zir, then I’ll show you what’s probably the best way currently in the game.Diablo 4 Bloodforged Sigil

The new Blood Sigils are very expensive, starting off at 800, and I believe working up to over 2,000 per sigil. It means when you’re crafting them, you’re going to want to complete them. So please make sure you have enough Diablo 4 Gold to ensure that you won't be affected during the crafting process.

I found as long as you’ve got a nice build, so if you are attempting these Diablo 4 Abbatoir of Zir Dungeon reserves but you wanted to build up a bit of your sigil powder as you go, then try to do ones that are of a slightly lower tier. Even the tier ones and tier twos can have very tough Bloodseeker Guardians. If you’re unlucky and the modifiers on them can be quite ridiculous at times. So you want to run a tier that you know you can thoroughly clear easily without the risk of dying. Even if it’s like a one, two, or a three, you’re going to get yourself a nice clear. You’re going to upgrade your glyph or any other glyphs a little as well. Also, hey, you can get yourself a bunch of sigils powder.

Even at the lowest tier, I believe I was getting between 1,200 to 1,400. Remember, they cost 800 to craft. As long as you’re clearing these each time without falling over, and you’re not going to lose out on any sigil powder, and you’ll be able to craft them nice and easily as you go. I would imagine this will work very similarly for any events that do things such as this in the future, revolving around nightmare dungeons.


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