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Diablo 4 Season 2: How To Farm All Uber Unique Items In A Few Days?

Posted: Dec 21, 2023

I find myself often envisioning the acquisition of the renowned uber-unique items frequently showcased in various streamers’ videos. Unfortunately, my schedule doesn’t allow for extensive gameplay. If you share a similar predicament, you’ve stumbled upon the appropriate guide. I have devised an expedited method to efficiently farm the uber-unique items in Diablo 4 Season 2.

Diablo 4 Season 2: How To Farm All Uber Unique Items In A Few Days?

Uber Unique I Got

After doing multiple Duriel boss runs, I found the following different types of Diablo 4 Items:

  • Harlequin Crest (Shako helmet)
  • Ahavarion, Spear of Lycander
  • The Grandfather
  • Doombringer
  • Reign of Starless Skies
  • Melted Heart of Selig

I am currently lacking Andariel’s Visage helmet in my collection, yet my current builds do not necessitate its acquisition. I managed to obtain this item over the span of just 2 to 3 days during the previous weekend, dedicating a few hours to gameplay each day. Perhaps luck played a role in these runs; nevertheless, if I achieved it, so can you.

Now, in the holiday season, I suggest doing this fast before everyone jumps in. 

Efficient Duriel Boss Runs

You need to find the Duriel boss who has a chance to drop Uber Uniques. 

If you’re playing solo, consider finding a group of 4 players via a place like a Discord Channel to do rotations. This way, you only spend one set of materials (two eggs and two shards) to do 4 boss runs.

To do the runs efficiently, it is better to have a Barbarian HoTA build in the team, which can one shot the boss and speed up the run quite a bit. Alternatively, you can be the one-shot Barbarian in the team.

If you have The Grandfather, the chance of one-shotting is almost guaranteed. If not, you’ll likely two-shot the boss.

I would recommend doing the rotations in a set of 5+. In this way, you will be more efficient to get your Uber Uniques. If you find a very good group that can one-shot the boss, reset fast as a group, and with low latency, do as many runs as possible with them. 

Check your drops after each run and good luck finding the Uber Uniques.

Diablo 4 Season 2 Duriel Boss Runs

How To Get Materials (Mucus-Slick Eggs & Shard Of Agony)?

Where do you find the Boss Summon, aka the boss materials? 

You will need both Mucus-Slick Eggs and Shard of Agony, 2 of each for every rotation. You can definitely find the materials by yourself. However, it might take a long time. 

To do it fast, go to the Diablo 4 “Marketplace” website. Follow these options to trade for the boss materials with your gold. The price is fairly cheap now. 

How To Print Gold? 

Buying 100 sets will take you probably around 300 to 400 million gold, depending on the market price. So, how do you get the gold fast in the game? I have the answer for you as well. 

Now, we’re in the holiday season, and we have the limited-time Midwinter Blight Event. You can farm the Blighted Fragments and whatever other currency to exchange for the Midwinter Proofs at the collections table in Kyovashad. Then, you go to the shop right next to the table to buy as much Midwinter Purses as possible. Each Midwinter Purse will give you around 700k gold depending on RNGesus.

Diablo 4 Season 2 Midwinter Blight Event

Right-click on all of them and pick up the Diablo 4 Gold from the ground. Buy more and print more gold. In this way, I printed 34 million gold. This is only around a 20-minutes farm. 

For farming the Midwinter Blight currency in the purple area, I recommend going to the events on the horse directly and do the good events.

On the way to the event, if you see the Husk, destroy it, collect the currency, and get back on your horse to go to the next event. This is how I printed hundreds of millions of gold playing solo in a very short period of time.

More Tips 

Recently, the dev team has given us more exciting news. The newest hotfix doubled the Uber Unique drop rate from now until January 8

Note that the Midwinter Blight Event will end on January 2nd. So, what are you waiting for?


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