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Diablo 4: How To Easily Get Shard Of Dawn Aspect In Midwinter Blight Event? - Night’s Grasp Buff Explained

Posted: Dec 18, 2023

Shard of Dawn Aspect is a new Offensive Legendary Aspect added in Diablo 4 Midwinter Blight Event. It has a complex buff: Night’s Grasp. This new buff increases your movement speed and attack speed under certain conditions.

In this guide, we’ll show you the best way to get Shard of Dawn Aspect, and explain how Night’s Grasp buff works.

Diablo 4: How To Easily Get Shard Of Dawn Aspect In Midwinter Blight Event? - Night’s Grasp Buff Explained

How To Get Shard Of Dawn Aspect?

You can purchase Shard of Dawn from Gileon’s shop in Fractured Peaks Kyovashad for 10 Midwinter Proofs.

In order to get Midwinter Proof, you need to exchange it for one of three currencies at Collection Table in town: Blighted Fragments, Lost Heirlooms, and Red-Cloaked Trophies.

You’ll find these currencies in the world of Fractured Peaks during Midwinter Blight Event. So hop on your horse and ride around killing enemies and destroying Frigid Husk ice statues!

The most efficient way to farm these items is to take part in the new event called Blighted Revelry.

As you ride around, you’ll notice a bunch of little freaks jumping around a broken cart. Kill the little monsters and interact with the cart to start the event. You need to protect the cart until the fire is big enough to thaw the nearby Frigid Husk.

Use this method to destroy all five Frigid Husk to spawn a Red-Cloaked Horror. Defeat this big goat boss to complete the event and you can earn some Diablo 4 Gold and loot, and pick up Red-Cloaked Trophy.

Once back in town, you can convert 300 Blight Fragments, 30 Lost Heirlooms, or 1 Red-Cloaked Trophy into 1 Midwinter Proof. Once you have 10 Midwinter Proof, you can purchase Shard of Dawn Aspect from Gileon.

If you need more Midwinter Proofs to buy cosmetics, you can simply go back to Fractured Peaks to explore, kill monsters, and collect currency that can be exchanged for more Proofs.

Diablo 4: How to obtain Shard of Dawn Aspect?

Night’s Grasp Buff

The new buff in Shard of Dawn Aspect, Night’s Grasp, is powerful. But it's difficult to understand when reading the tooltip. Let’s break it down.

After using Night’s Grasp for 30 seconds, get Dawn’s Haste. This increases your attack speed by 25-35% and movement speed by 20% for 12 seconds. Powered by Midwinter Ward, killing an enemy reduces the duration of Night’s Grasp by 1 second.

The description mentions three buffs, but it only tells you what one of them does.

First let’s talk about Night’s Grasp. This is a buff that appears on your character when you are in combat and wield Shard of Dawn Aspect. However, it doesn’t do anything. Its entire purpose is to indicate that you don’t currently have Dawn’s Haste buff activated.

However, once your Night’s Grasp lasts for 30 seconds, you gain Dawn’s Haste buff, which increases your attack speed and movement speed for 12 seconds.

Dawn’s Haste is a pretty neat buff. Because attack speed is ideal for most generator or spender builds, while movement speed is valuable for all builds. You want to lower the 30-second window if possible.

This is where Dawn’s Haste buff affects Shard of Dawn Aspect. Because every time we killed an enemy, it reduces the 30 second cooldown between Night’s Grasp and Dawn’s Haste by 1 second.

Dawn’s Haste is a buff you can get from a special totem next to Gileon’s shop in Kyovashad. However, you’ll need to upgrade your Midwinter Tribute level to Tier 3 before it can appear in towns.

To earn Tribute experience and level up, all you need to do is exchange Midwinter Blight currency for Midwinter Proofs on Collections Table.

Also, when you upgrade to Tier 3, you will also receive Midwinter Tribute buff. The buff lasts for about six minutes and also gives you some extra damage against Blightfiends and Red-Cloaked Horror.

Finally, Shard of Dawn Aspect does not appear in Codex of Power. Instead, you’ll need to spend 10 Midwinter Proofs to repurchase it every time you want to apply it to new gear. Therefore, when applying aspects at Occultist, be sure to choose your equipment carefully.


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