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Diablo 4: Everything You Need To Know About Tornado Werewolf Endgame Build

Posted: Dec 15, 2023

I’m ready to drop on you the new Tornado Werewolf Build for Diablo 4. If you like big AOE, if you like nature skills or if you like transform, this is going to be the build for you. Next I will cover every single facet of the build. If you have enough Diablo 4 Gold, let's not waste any time and jump right into this.


We got a Nightmare Seahag, level 153. Beat her and it is really important. Your Flickerstep boots, you need to flicker through your enemies every single time. Then you will get 4 seconds off on your Grizzly Rage, up to 10 seconds. After the Seahag down, let me show you how to create this build.

Diablo 4: Everything You Need To Know About Tornado Werewolf Endgame Build


Let’s look at our generator first. We are using Wind Shear, and only two points into it. I have just done four runs, and I did not use a generator one time, not even on the boss. So, it is on your bar for emergency situations, but most of the time, you’re not going to need to use Wind Shear.

Coming down to your core skill, we are obviously using Tornado, and we are using Raging Tornado. You also want one into Heart of the Wild, three to Wild Impulses, three to Predatory Instinct. Then, my last two points at the end, trying to figure out the best place for them, I just put them into Gate for some movement speed.

Coming down to defenses, we have one into Cyclone Armor, one into Preserving Cyclone Armor. We have one into Blood Howl, one into Preserving Blood Howl for that added attack speed. We do hit enemies from a distance, so you do want three points into Nature’s Reach. Coming down, we have one point into Hurricane and one into Savage Hurricane. We also have one into Elemental Exposure and three into Endless Tempest to increase the duration of your Hurricane and Cataclysm by 15% multiplicatively. This will keep your Hurricane up almost the entire time.

We are also using one into Neurotoxin, three into Envenom, and one into Toxic Claws.

As we come down, our ultimate is Grizzly Rage. I guess when you come out of Grizzly Rage, as long as it takes you to click it again, is the only time you will be out of it. It’s absolutely awesome. Three into Defiance, three into Circle of Life, and three into Resonance because this is going to trigger our nature skill, as we are using Tornado. And then your last point is in Lupine because when you are in Grizzly Rage, you are a Dire Werewolf.


For our Vampiric Powers, you need Pray on the Weak, Anticipation, Metamorphosis, and Sanguine. Remember, Anticipation is going to give us that ultimate school cooldown for our Grizzly Rage.

For our Spirit Boons, you want one and two in Weariness. For your two Boons, you want Iron Feather and Swooping Attacks for that movement speed. Both are for your ultimate. Calamity extends the duration of your ultimate skills 25%, and Calm Before the Storm has a chance to lower the cooldown reduction for more Grizzly Rage.

Diablo 4 Werewolf


Let’s talk Paragon. Starting off with our basic board, we are using Territorial, and we’ve switched up the basic board a little, continuing to move towards more survivability instead of damage.

Board number two, we are taking Thunderstruck, and the glyph you want is Earth and Sky. Moving over to board number three, this is Heightened Malice, and the glyph you want is Fang and Claw. Board number four, here we have Ancestral Guidance, and the glyph we are taking is Werewolf. Board number five, we are taking Constricting Tendrils, and the glyph you want is Spirit. Board number six, and our final board, this is the Inner Beast, and the glyph you want is Undaunted.


Now let’s talk Uniques and Legendary Aspects. Now, I do have to say there are a lot of Uniques we use, but there is only one that is required, and that is Tempest Roar. Now, this is much easier to require now because of the bosses that were added with Season 2. So, you can target farm it. I legitimately have probably found 30 of them, but that being said, it is a requirement.

We are also using Will Pants. We are using Flickerstep. This is going to help us with 10 seconds off on our Grizzly Rage as far as cooldown reduction. And we are using the new Malignant Ring. If you notice during the gameplay, not only does this help us with our ultimate cooldown reduction and give us a boost to damage because of Willpower percent, but it also pulls all the enemies together for our Tornadoes.

The other Legendary Aspects I’m using are Disobedience. We are using the Werebeast, which gives us an extra 5-second duration on our Grizzly Rage and gives us Critical Strike. Multiplicative on our amulet, we are using Retaliation, which is just damage to your core skills. Our other ring, we’re using Tornado seeks up to three targets, also important. And last but not least, on our weapon, we are using Dire Werewolf, which weirdly I still haven’t found a perfect roll on.


Then let’s talk about affixes. Recommended affixes for our non-unique gear. Remember, Helm is Tempest, Pants are Will, Boots are Flicker. We don’t have an offhand, and really our second ring is the Malignant Ring. So, we’ll talk about the others.

Chest armor: Total Armor, Triple Damage Reduction.

Gloves: Crit Chance, Attack Speed, Tornado, Willpower.

Amulet: Cooldown Reduction, Venom. Movement Speed, Total Armor, Wall, and Werewolf Form.

Other Ring: Crit Chance, Damage to Distance, Damage to Close, Maximum Life.

Weapon: Willow, All Stats, Damage to Distance, Damage to Close. Those are the recommended affixes.


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