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Diablo 4 Season 4: Why Bash Barbarian Stands Out Among The Builds?

Posted: May 29, 2024

With Diablo 4 Season 4 Loot Reborn update in full swing, there have been many changes to classes in the new season. Among them, Barbarian has more ways to play than ever before, but one of them is the most interesting.

Barbarian has experienced many ups and downs in Diablo 4. In the past three seasons, powerful builds like Double Swing and Rend Barbarian destroyed the meta game. However, with Loot Reborn update, a new build has taken over, and that is Bash Barbarian.

In this guide, we will talk about what makes Bash Barbarian so good, and all the tips you need to know to build this build.

Diablo 4 Season 4: Why Bash Barbarian Stands Out Among The Builds?

Basic Skill

Unlike most builds, Bash Barbarian focuses on its basic skill, Bash. This build can clear the vast majority of seasonal content and defeat the new bosses introduced in Season 4.

What’s more important is that Bash will deal damage and stun enemies every four hits. If you have enough Diablo 4 Gold reserves, you can also make it a powerful boss killer with the right upgrades.

Speaking of upgrades, Bash has a mandatory upgrade mechanic, and there are two optional upgrades to choose from, including:

  • Enhanced Bash: When you damage a stunned enemy with Bash, you will gain 20% of your maximum health as Fortify.
  • Battle Bash: When you damage a stunned enemy with Bash, you will generate 5 additional Fury.

Enhanced Bash can be used as a defensive skill, and Fortify will help you resist most attacks, giving you enough time to get out of danger. Of course, if you need extra Fury, Battle Bash can also meet your needs.

Active Skills

In addition, you will also need to fill your remaining skill slots. These skills are especially necessary before reaching the endgame.

If you are surrounded by monsters, Leap is the perfect way out. If you don’t damage any units, Enhanced Leap will increase your movement speed by reducing the cooldown of skills. If you do damage the enemy, Mighty Leap will add a slowing effect when landing, ensuring that they can’t catch up with you.

In addition, War Cry and Challenging Shout will increase your damage and damage reduction, respectively. Enhanced War Cry grants you Berserking. And Power War Cry further increases your damage when there are at least six enemies near you.

Enhanced Challenging Shout grants you maximum health when casting, while Tactical Challenging Shout grants you Fury every time you are attacked.

Then, Steel Grasp is perfect for taking down some troublesome enemies. Enhanced Steel Grasp makes affected enemies Vulnerable on impact. Fighter’s Steel Grasp grants us Berserking accordingly after we damage the enemy.

Note that Wrath of the Berserker is the ultimate skill of this build. Prime Wrath of the Berserker grants you increased movement and Fury generation, and Supreme Wrath of the Berserker grants increased damage during Berserking every time you spend 50 Fury points.

Passive Skills

Usually, passive skills grant you various buffs, and passives are also divided into a key passive and several secondary passives that support your build.

First, let’s talk about the key passive skill of this build, Unconstrained. It increases the duration of any Berserking effect by 5 seconds while increasing its damage by 100%.

Since this build relies on Berserking and you being able to maintain its duration, Unconstrained fits perfectly with its buffs.

Next, let’s look at the rest of the passive skills:

  • Aggressive Resistance: Gain damage reduction when Berserking is applied.
  • Battle Fervor: Every time your Brawling skill deals damage to an enemy, you gain Berserking effect.
  • Booming Voice: This increases the duration of your Shout skills.
  • Concussion: When using Bludgeoning 2H weapons skill, you have a chance to stun an enemy. This effect triggers on Lucky Hit.
  • Counteroffensive: When your Fortify is over 50% of your maximum health, the damage you deal is increased.
  • Guttural Yell: When you use Shout skills, your damage reduction is increased.
  • Imposing Presence: This increases your maximum health by a certain amount.
  • Martial Vigor: You have increased damage reduction against elite enemies.
  • Wallop: When using Bludgeoning weapons skill, you deal increased damage to stunned or vulnerable enemies.

Arsenal System

Arsenal System is a unique class mechanic for Barbarians that unlocks when you reach level five. Each Arsenal choice will increase certain types of weapon expertise based on the weapons you frequently use. These expertises you gain will give you certain weapon bonuses. This is also a great way to increase Barbarian damage. For Bash Barbarian, the following expertise options are not to be missed:

  • Two-handed Axe Expertise: You deal extra damage to vulnerable enemies.
  • Two-handed Mace Expertise: You deal extra critical hit damage while Berserking.
  • One-handed Sword Expertise: Your attack speed increases after killing a crowd controlled enemy.
  • One-handed Mace Expertise: You deal more damage to stunned enemies.

With these expertises, you can switch between multiple weapons to deal with different situations, so it will be valuable to always have these weapons equipped.

Legendary Aspects

The best Aspect choices for this build revolve around enhancing your Basic Skills.

  • Aspect of Adaptability: Your Basic Skills deal bonus damage while your Fury is above 50%. Basic Skills also generate bonus Fury when your Fury is below 50%.
  • Aspect of Disobedience: You gain armor stacks every time you deal damage of any kind.
  • Aspect of Giant Strides: You gain a reduction in the cooldown of your Leap skill based on how many enemies you damage with that skill.
  • Aspect of Might: After casting a Basic Skill, you gain damage reduction.
  • Aspect of the Moonrise: When you damage an enemy with a Basic Skill, you gain Attack Speed ​​stacks. After gaining five stacks, you gain Vampiric Bloodrage, increasing your movement speed and the damage dealt by Basic Skills.
  • Mangler’s Aspect: When you damage a Vulnerable enemy, you have a chance to stun them.
  • Rapid Aspect: Your Basic Skills increase your attack speed.
  • Vengeful Aspect: When you turn an enemy into Vulnerable, your critical strike chance increases.

Unique Items

Finally, let’s talk about some of the key unique items you’ll need to complete this build.

Diablo 4: How To Get Paingorger's Gauntlets?

First up is Paingorger’s Gauntlets. Every time you damage an enemy with a non-basic skill, you mark that enemy. When you use a basic skill on a marked enemy, the damage you deal is increased and affects all other marked enemies.

On the other hand, Ramaladni’s Magnum Opus is also very key. With it equipped, you lose two Fury points per second, but in exchange, your skills deal additional damage for every point of Fury you currently have.

That’s all you need to know about making Bash Barbarian worth trying in Season 4. Follow this guide and you’ll be able to find great ways to optimize your Barbarian and get the best power bonuses.


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