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Diablo 4 Season 4: How To Obtain All These New Resources In Loot Reborn?

Posted: May 30, 2024

Today, I'll be delving into the crucial topic of the newly introduced resources awaiting us in Diablo 4 Season 4. My aim is to provide a thorough breakdown of all the essential resources you'll need to acquire, along with the optimal strategies for obtaining them. Let's dive in!

Obducite, Ingolith, Neathiron

The first important resources that I want to discuss are Obducite, Ingolith, Neathiron. For that, you just need to run Pit of Artificers. From Tier 1 to Tier 30, you're going to receive Obducite. You just need to run it, and pretty much you're going to receive Obducite at the end.

From Tier 31 to at least Tier 60, you're going to receive Ingolith. You can change to it and it will be in up to Tier 60. From Tier 60 and onwards, you're going to receive Neathiron, so everything further is pretty much Neathiron by itself.

Diablo 4 Season 4: How To Obtain All These New Resources In Loot Reborn?

But here's a trick which is pretty important and which will help you to get it. If you go to The Alchemist, you can craft materials from them. So, for example, if you need a lot of Obite by itself, you can just craft Upthsite from Inth at a pretty nice rate.

However, you will need to invest a large number of Diablo 4 Gold in the process. You can also craft Ingolith out of Neathiron. That way, you can get it from the highest resource. So, if you can farm Pit 60 and higher, it's much better to farm Pit Tier 60 and then just break your Neathiron into the lower levels of currency, both Obducite and Ingolith. So, Alchemist and their Transmutation part is your helper in that.

Scattered Prisms

So, the next set of resources I want to talk about is Scattered Prisms. These resources mostly drop from World Bosses. There are chances to get them randomly, but it's crucial to prioritize defeating World Bosses. A World Boss can yield 1 Scattered Prism, sometimes even 2, though typically it's just 1.

Ensure you're not missing out on world bosses and keep your Scattered Prisms ready, as you'll need them to improve the socket amount on your items. If they do drop randomly for you, that's good too, but most of the time, it's from world bosses.


Another resource you'll need to actively farm is Angelbreath. You'll require Angelbreath to consistently roll your items, which is crucial for ensuring they meet your standards. The best way to farm Angelbreath is during events in Hell Rift.

You can receive up to 10 Angelbreath from completing normal events, which is a significant amount. So, participating in events during your time in the Hell Rift is highly recommended to ensure a steady supply of Angelbreath.


When we are talking about the Runeshards, we have a few options to farm them. Most of the time, if you need Runeshards immediately, you can just go and get them from Nightmare Dungeons. So, if you finish, for example, Tier 1 to 100 Nightmare Dungeons, you're going to get close to 15 of them, and that's a pretty nice decision.

However, I think that it's much more efficient to just farm them from Tortured Gifts of Mysteries. For example, when you're opening them, you're receiving a lot of other items, and one of them will be Angelbreath. On top of that, you're also receiving Forgotten Souls, additional items, and pretty much Runeshards as well.

Gemstone Fragments

So, another thing which is pretty much important is farming fragments of the gemstones. Right now, unfortunately, there is no proper way to farm them, and they're just dropping everywhere. I also noticed when you're doing bosses like Grigoire and Varshan, for example, the monsters around are dropping a pretty significant amount.

Some are also dropping from Blood Maiden, and Blood Maiden could be a decent option to get them. But generally, if you're just playing Diablo 4 Season 4, killing enemies, and running around, at one point, you're going to have enough fragments to pretty much craft all your stones. So, I recommend not to focus too much on them.

Resplendent Spark

So, the next question is where to get Resplendent Spark. Overall, you get Resplendent Spark from disassembling Uber Uniques. However, there are a few additional ways how you can get it. You need to kill all the tormented bosses, and you will be able to get it from them.

You also will need to finish a quest line of this Season 4, and you will be able to get one spark too. On top of that, you're going to get one from Uber Lilith as well. So, all those ways together are going to get you some Resplendent Sparks. And if you drop some Mythic items. You will be able to just disassemble them for more if you don't really need them.

Max 925 Gear

The last part is about how to farm max level 925 gear. I just recommend to go for Blood Maiden kills, because Blood Maiden kills could be pretty fast if you have a lot of people with you, and she can drop a few oranges items at the same time. They almost always have maximum item power.

If you follow these simple methods and get all these new resources. I believe you will find this guide helpful.


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