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Diablo 4 Season 4: A Deep Dive Into The Differences Between The Different Whisper Caches

Posted: Jun 04, 2024

Diablo 4 Season 4 has a ton of endgame content for players to engage in to continue to strengthen their characters and refine their builds, as well as tackle the higher difficulty Nightmare Dungeons. One of these helpful endgame additions is Tree of Whispers.

Players who are creating a Seasonal Character and skipping the major story can immediately access Tree of Whispers and start earning its rewards right away. Tree of Whispers is a significant source for acquiring Diablo 4 items and XP and even lets players choose the specific rewards they want.

Today, we’re going to try to determine which of the three Whisper Caches you should choose from after you turn in Grim Favors in Tree of Whispers.

Diablo 4 Season 4: A Deep Dive Into The Differences Between The Different Whisper Caches

Which Whisper Caches Will Give You More Benefits?

The reason I wanted to discuss this topic is that D4 Gold is currently very scarce in Season 4, and farming Whisper Caches or Collections is one of the most efficient ways to acquire gold. Another way is to sell items for real money in exchange for gold on third-party sites or even in trade chat, but not everyone is willing to do that.

As someone who hates Whisper farming, I started wondering if I could rank the different Whisper Caches from most to least gold. That way, I would always know which one I should pick to get the most gold possible. So I did a brief experiment and decided to share it with you all.

Here, we’ll talk about how to actually run this method and disclaimers, test results, and my recommendations based on the results. So let’s get started.

Farming Methods

Tree of Whispers is shown as a red tree icon with a skull on the top of the east side of the map. Hovering over the icon will show a progress bar showing the player how many Grim Favors they have completed and how many more they need to complete getting the reward.

Grim Favors are awarded when Whispers are completed. Whispers are small side activities made on the map with red or light red icons. Whispers are always cycling, and new Whispers will randomly appear on the map to replace existing or completed Whispers.

We can also obtain Grim Favors by clearing Diablo 4 dungeons with red icons on the map, which usually provide more Grim Favors than any Whispers quest.

It is important to note that after obtaining ten Grim Favors, the player cannot complete any additional Whispers until they return to Tree of Whispers. Whispers will still spawn during Helltide events and provide players with more rewards than usual.

Upon returning to the tree, the player can choose from three reward caches, each of which focuses on a different weapon type, armor, or Collection of Chaos. Selecting a clearly labeled collection will give the player multiple high-end gear of that type, as well as various additional rewards. Additionally, Collection of Chaos still provides high-end rewards and randomly provides any type of item or gear.

In summary, I farmed 2 or 3 regular Caches from the tree with a level 100 character. I also farmed 4 Greater Caches and treated them as a group. I calculated the average of the gold contained in each cache and ranked them. Again, Greater Caches are not separated, they are treated as one group.

Diablo 4 Season 4: Tree of Whispers


Secondly, I would like to offer the following disclaimer. I know that the sample size is too small to allow you to draw statistically significant conclusions between the groups, and I am pretty sure someone on Reddit has already done a similar check with a much larger sample size. No need to remind me of these facts, I know them, but I still wanted to test these numbers myself.


So, let’s get straight to the results. As expected, Greater Caches have the highest average gold content, with about 6.6 million gold per cache. Collection of Chaos is next, with an average gold content of 6 million. Then, lagging far behind, are the other non-Greater Caches, with average gold content between 2.8-3.3 million.

It is likely that there is no actual difference between these caches in terms of gold content. But if we look at Greater Caches in detail, we can see that there is much more deviation here, and even some Greater Caches have gold content as high as 11 million. However, I must emphasize that the sample size here is small.

Personal Recommendations

So, based on this data, what kind of recommendations can I make for all your gold farmers?

First, the obvious one is that if you can choose between Greater Caches and non-Greater Caches, choose Greater Caches without hesitation.

Second, if Greater Caches are not offered, always choose Normal Chaos Cache. If that is not offered either, it doesn’t matter which Normal non-Chaos Cache you choose.

Besides these recommendations, I have a few weaker recommendations. However, these recommendations are based on the fact that of the four Greater Caches I opened, I had a Greater Collection of Chaos, which dropped significantly more gold than the other Greater Caches.

Based on this, I recommend that if someone offers you multiple Greater Caches, always choose Greater Cache of Chaos. I’m guessing that there may also be differences between other non-Greater Caches, but the low sample size prevents me from drawing any conclusions. However, I believe that further research in this area can make progress in the future.

Furthermore, I suspect that choosing a non-Greater Chaos Cache might actually be better than choosing a Greater non-Chaos Cache, but that’s just a crazy thought.

That’s it! Do you agree with these results? Do you choose Whisper Caches similarly? Hopefully, these test results and suggestions will shed some new light on this for you!


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