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Diablo 4: How To Efficiently Get The New Unique Item In Season 2? - Battle Trance Amulet Explained

Posted: Nov 17, 2023

Whether you’re a new player or a veteran, knowing the improved Battle Trance Unique Amulet in Diablo 4 Season 2 can enhance your Frenzy Barbarian build. Let’s inspect how it can become an invaluable part of your Diablo 4 journey.

How To Get Battle Trance?

The new Uber Boss in Season 2 allows targeted farming of specific unique items. Players can continue to farm all Uber Bosses until they get the drops they want. Of course, this includes Battle Trance.

Upon reaching World Tier 3 or 4 in Diablo 4, players can get unique items by killing enemies and opening treasure chests. To increase your chances of getting Battle Trance, actively take part in World Events such as Gathering Legions, slay World Bosses, or run Nightmare Dungeons. Because these are the best ways to get high-level loot.

Diablo 4 Season 2: How To Get The New Unique Items?


With the game’s recent update, Battle Trance can provide extra resistance to build. Because it can roll Sacred and Ancestral items by investing Diablo 4 Gold, making it extremely versatile. So for maximum resistance, look for a Battle Trance with top item power, which is capped at a respectable 28.5.

Fury Bonus

With this Unique Amulet, you also get a maximum Fury bonus of 5-14. If you want to get Ramaladni's Magnum Opus, try it for 14 max Fury stats.

Also, Battle Trance significantly reduces damage from close enemies by 13.9%. However, this modifier ranges from 10.3% to 20.2%, so you’ll need to keep farming until you find the damage that provides the greatest reduction.

It’s important to note that its cooldown reduction also ranges from 6.2% to 10.3%, but if you’re patient enough, you can always aim for that 10.3%.

Diablo 4: Battle Trance

Frenzy Stack

Also, Battle Trance provides Frenzy with a significant advantage, one of its most impressive features. It increases Frenzy’s maximum stack count by 2. When your Frenzy is maxed out, it will increase the attack speed of your other skills by 10%-20%.

With Battle Trance equipped, you can transform your Frenzy Barbarian build from just level 5 to a powerful level 14 warrior. It can boost Frenzy by 6-9 levels, increasing their efficiency.

Although Battle Trance increases Frenzy’s max stack count by 2, it’s a bit underwhelming in terms of secondary effects. When you reach the maximum 2 stacks, it increases the attack speed of your secondary skills.

For most Barbarian builds, Frenzy is the primary skill, so the secondary effects don’t directly affect it. But many players like the increased attack speed, and this applies to Frenzy as well.

Damage Reduction

It’s also worth noting that Battle Trance triples the stack capacity, which is a tremendous benefit. Combine this with Combat Frenzy to reduce damage taken by 8%.

You can also achieve 40% damage reduction by maxing out your stacks. This will significantly improve your survivability. Or, if you prefer Frenzy, the additional stacks mean it increases your attack speed by 5% for every stack of Frenzy on your other abilities.

But this bonus isn’t as useful as it sounds because it lasts only a short time. It only lasts 3 seconds, so its effect is limited.

Diablo 4: Unique Items - Battle Trance

Suggestions For Improvement

So it would be nice if Frenzy stack could degrade slowly rather than all at once. For example, it can reduce them by one level every 2 seconds, allowing players to maintain their stacks more efficiently. If this is improved, Frenzy bonuses and other skills may become more valuable.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Battle Trance is a must-have for a Frenzy Barbarian build in Diablo 4. It has great stats, baffling level bonuses, and max stacks. While improving secondary effects, this amulet increases damage reduction and attack speed, making it an excellent addition to any build.


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