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Diablo 4 Season 2: New Method To Farm 350+ Cinders In Helltides After Hotfix!

Posted: Nov 20, 2023

Diablo 4 patch 1.2.2’s Hotfix addresses several issues in the game, but mainly the changes and buffs to Living Steel during Helltides. In addition to this, Living Steel Chests now generate correctly with this hotfix.

Hotfix Changes

Here you can see that it has increased World Tier 3 Living Steel Chest from 1 Living Steel to 2 Living Steels per chest. There has also been a corresponding increase in World Tier 4, from 3 Living Steels to 5 Living Steels. In addition to this, you have an additional chance to get 5 additional Living Steels drops.

Diablo 4 Season 2: New Method To Farm 350+ Cinders In Helltides After Hotfix!

With Hotfix, Living Steel has gained 66%. So this is actually insane for your gear materials and Living Steel income.

Basically, in Living Steel Chest, 1 Living Steel will cost 60 Cinders, and in the 75 Cinders box, there will be 1 Living Steel.

As you can see here, the values are almost the same. But obviously, when you use 150 Cinders boxes to go up, you still only get one Living Steel. The cost of Diablo 4 Gold and time to open these boxes will rise sharply.

So if you have a lot of Cinders left during Helltides, you can try opening the 75 Cinders box, but there’s absolutely no need to continue spending time on that.

This change is also great for now, as dual-character farming in Helltides may no longer be necessary. For example, you could focus your Cinders on one character but be completely outside of its scope. That’s about 600 more Cinders than you’ll have available when you open the chest. But after Hotfix, your Living Steel may be higher than your Varshan Materials.

Diablo 4: Hotfix Changes

New Method

Early in the season, I made a guide on how to get 300 Cinders every 10 minutes. Although this method still works for now, I will improve it.

First, let’s start with the highest density area, which is the area with the highest Cinders farmed per minute. As you can see, there is often a very high density of Cinders farming areas in Diablo 4. But there is no point in just staying in that dense area and continuing to farm. Because the regeneration speed of mobs is not that fast.

Diablo 4: High Density Cinders Farming Area

So, ideally, you can rotate between two high-density areas and control when mobs respawn. But it’s not a big deal here, so there’s absolutely no need to strictly plan your route in Helltides.

In the previous method, we could easily get 300 Cinders every 10 minutes. It’s probably higher now because the equipment has gotten better and players have become more skilled at farming.

Now you can also throw this method into the mix of running your Helltides and killing monsters, which is definitely doable.

I found this to be a rule of thumb. If there is an event that covers many areas and is actually a big event. These are very useful when it comes to Cinders per minute, and they won’t actually slow you down. Whatever you currently get, just ignore them. Some of them will actually increase this speed.

So if you see a big event that covers a lot of ground, be sure to stay for that event and try to complete it. Because this usually has a few more avenues to farm Cinders than smaller activities.

Diablo 4: The Gathering Legions Zone Event Guide

Now another pro tip is actually doing Legion Events that pop up in Helltides. If you’re lucky, the monster density here is actually insane, and monsters respawn pretty quickly.

It took me about 5 minutes to complete Legion Events and farmed about 350 Cinders, which is really insane.

As you can see here, we also have 75 Cinders boxes in Legion Events. So you can actually take Cinders you’ve earned while clearing out everything else. You can actually get an extra copy of Living Steel here.

But like I said before, there is absolutely no need to open all 75 Cinders boxes. Because after Hotfix, you will have enough Living Steels.


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