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Diablo 4: How To Quickly Unlock Codex Of Power Entries? - All Aspects & Renown

Posted: Jun 10, 2023

As we all know, unlocking all Aspects of a Codex of Power requires completing all dungeons in Diablo 4. This has the added benefit of rewarding a lot of Renown.

How To Unlock Codex Of Power Entries And Renown?

This is essential for the permanent unlock of all characters, including 10 Skill Points and 20 Paragon Points. Fortunately, there are several ways to complete all dungeons more easily and efficiently, all of which are covered in this guide.

Diablo 4: How to Complete Codex Of Power Fast?

Access To World Tier 1 Makes Dungeon Quests Easier

The first way to increase the speed at which we complete dungeons is in World Tier 1 after reaching higher levels. If you’re above level 50 and enter World Tier 1, it will limit enemies in the dungeon to level 50.

This makes clearing any dungeon a breeze and can be done in minutes. So improving the level is very important, maybe you can seek help from that Boosting service, which will make your leveling process faster.

Diablo 4: How To Unlock Codex Of Power All Aspects?

Group Up

The next way to increase the speed of dungeon completion is to complete quests with a group of friends or like-minded individuals. To do this, work in groups of four. Then, have each player complete a separate dungeon.

Players should go to dungeons for which they do not receive completion credit, this will be indicated on the map by the dungeon icon, which also contains a Chest Symbol. If the dungeon icon has a checkmark, or just no Chest Symbol, then you’ve earned completion credit for it.

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As of the latest patch, you’ll get completion credit for any dungeon a party member completes, even if you don’t complete it in that dungeon. You’ll also get 30 Renown Points and Aspect Entry in a Codex of Power from that dungeon.

The only potential downside is that dungeon difficulty increases to 4 players, especially if you’re playing World Tier 1. But if it’s at a higher level, it shouldn’t make a noticeable difference. In my experience, if these two methods are combined, we can complete all copies within a few hours.

Diablo 4: Renown Farming Fast and Efficient Progression

Do Dungeon Side Quests Alongside Dungeons For Efficiency

Now, there’s another way to make your dungeon exploration more efficient and earn you more Renown. Some dungeons have side quests associated with them, and each side quest also rewards 20 Renown points in the completed area, and even has a corresponding Diablo 4 Gold reward drop.

Given that you’ll need to complete at least some side quests to reach max Renown in each region, it’s only worth doing side quests next to dungeons whenever possible.

Diablo 4: All 160 Altars of Lilith Locations

Check The Areas Surrounding Dungeons For Altars Of Lilith

Also, there are often Altars of Lilith near the dungeon entrance. So I recommend that you investigate the surrounding area on the map for closed spaces or cul-de-sacs. Because you’ll often find these Altars, they provide small permanent buffs, as well as 10 Renown per Altar. Plus, Map Genie offers an interactive Diablo 4 map, perfect for finding these Altars.

The above are the detailed methods and precautions I found to quickly unlock all Aspects of a Codex of Power in Diablo 4 and earn enough Renown. Hope it helps you.


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