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Diablo 4: Big Discovery At New Elite Loot Farm Location!

Posted: Jun 08, 2023

Today I take you through a new elite loot farm dungeon discovery. Blizzard does not have Nerf it, which offers us a delightful experience. Here are seven Guarantee Elites that always spawn in the same place in this dungeon. You can farm it in four minutes.

I will also show you how to reset the dungeon. You can do this repeatedly to maximize dungeon loot.

Dungeon Location

It’s directly east of Kyovashad, and you can reach Fractured Peaks early in the game, which is in this small area. But you actually have to unlock both dungeons.

Diablo 4: Don't Miss this New Elite Loot Farm Location!

Why It Won’t Be Weakened?

I feel like it’s actually less likely to be nerfed than Maugan’s Works dungeon. However, this dungeon has undercut that. Killing the seven Guarantee Elites is part of the quest, and they’ll all drop rare legendary and unique items depending on difficulty. Their Nerf affects you, and they must completely change the quests in this dungeon.

How To Unlock The Dungeon

If you really want to unlock this location, you have to come to this area. After completing Stronghold quest and killing the boss, there will be a Stronghold event. You’ll then be able to unlock two more dungeons exclusively here. We’re intrigued by this Anica’s Claim dungeon

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Dungeon Farming Route

Let’s get inside now. What makes this dungeon so good is that it contains an elite group of monsters. We kill these monsters with a certain chance to drop good loot.

They’ll run past everyone, and then we’ll meet our first elite monster here pretty quickly. So we’re going to go ahead and kill him as quickly as possible. And we can also kill other monsters that follow us. If you’re not level enough to kill these monsters quickly, getting Diablo 4 Power Level Boosting might be a good option for you.

After I killed the first elite monster, he dropped a rare item. There are even some treasure chests along the way. But we just need to focus on killing these elite monsters. Because this is the quickest place to get rare and legendary items here. These chests are also just loot to pick up while ignoring the rest of the adds.

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Plus, there’s a magic item here that you can get just by being ready to kill another elite. This dungeon is just full of elite monsters. There are times when they will even spawn in the same place.

Here’s what we’ve got for rare items so far. There are two other elite monsters here, so we’re going to go ahead and kill those guys. 

You can see how many elites are in this dungeon. So when it fills up, you know you killed them all to drop more Diablo 4 Gold. There’s also a giant treasure chest and another outstanding rare item here. Finally, we can see that our final elite is here. After we continue to kill them, we can get a Heavy Crossbow.

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How To Reset The Dungeon?

Currently, we have completed the entire dungeon. But now we need to reset the dungeon, because we don’t want to complete this objective. The next one is putting Animus into Animus Urn.

We don’t want to do that. We want to move on and get out of the dungeon. So we’re going to exit the dungeon now to actually reset it. We’re going to leave the game now, and then we’re going to come back and restart the game.

Obviously, if you do this on launch day, there may be hints. As you can see, our goal has changed back to collecting Animus from Animus Carriers.

So now we’re back, we’re killing all the elite again, it’s really easy. I can take advantage of the elite mobs that my Rogue build kills easily. It’s part of the actual mission objective, so you have to kill all the monsters you see.

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Difficult Setting - World Tier

That’s all the loot we got from those two dungeon runs. You try to do it at World Tier 1 rather than World Tier 2. Too long and not worth it.

Then, after you’ve finished the primary campaign, it’s World Tier 3. Because then you’ll pick up those sacred and unique items.

All in all, if you keep farming, this dungeon will bring you a lot of unexpected loot. Hopefully, this new discovery will help you in your loot farming process. Good luck.


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