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Diablo 4: A Quick Method To Level Up And Farm XP For Any Classes!

Posted: Jun 06, 2023

Posted: Jun 06, 2023

Source:  IGGM

I can’t believe they didn’t remove this farming method from Diablo 4. This method has been working since the beta version, and I will share it with you now.

But this way, there is no way to farm any rare or legendary items. We are purely using this method to gain as much experience as quickly as possible.

How Does It Work?

We’ll start with the key Overshared in the center of the map. From there, you’ll want to head all the way north. There is Kor Dragon here, which is a Stronghold. You’ll get here around level 20. Then you can sit here and farm, as the position will go up as you level up.

Because it’s a Stronghold location, it actually has a Golden Circle, like an event location. It’s important that you don’t complete the quests here, or you won’t be able to take advantage of this location to level up.

Diablo 4: A Quick Method To Level Up And Farm XP

Farming Location Route Walkthrough

As you can see, it is directly north of Kyovashad. I’m standing under this bridge. We’re going to go left from here.

As you can see, our current level is 36. There is a ladder to access here. You’ll also want to launch the location up to the highest World Tier for the biggest experience boost. So we’re going to move on, and all you guys have to do is follow my exact line.

Then there will be a lot of enemies rushing here. We will go ahead and kill them all. And you can also spam them because they literally keep respawning.

We’re going to kill all these crap mods until we left only these elite monsters in the middle. Then we leave the game by holding down the “Escape” button, and then it’s time to start the game again.

Diablo 4: Level Up Fast with this Early XP Farm for any Class!

Unlimited Health Potions

Then we’re going to log into the game because we left during the event. Not only will it actually put us back in the loop, it will refund all of our Health Potions. Now we can literally just go back up and climb back up and do the same thing repeatedly.

Diablo 4: Unlimited Health Potions

Farming Route Map

So again you see all these monsters on the left. Since I’m doing Rogue leveling here, I’ll be using Twisting Blades here to kill everything easily.

We actually have a Legendary Ring drop there as well, which we can pick up. Plus, there are some high-value monsters here. You can ignore them, you can also kill them. While this will cost you extra time, it will also reward you handsomely in Diablo 4 Gold.

Then you have to press the “Escape” button to leave the game, restart the game, and repeat the process over and over again.

Diablo 4: The Best Location to Farm

Why It’s So Fast?

Obviously, I want to slow down. But the experience you get doesn’t actually include all the parts where you run to uncommon events to different dungeons and wait for things to respawn. And it’s just an instant mass of monsters, basically quick to kill. We’re going to level up repeatedly, so I’m going to be quicker this time.

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This Also Applies To Other Locations

Interestingly, this exact method works for many other locations in the game, and even some other Strongholds.

So I’d run again, depending on your class. Because Rogue is one of the fastest AOE clearas in the game, but you can make AOE on most characters. So it’s easy to continue and replicate. As for the actual character build. You can choose a leveling build with large area effect clearing capabilities.

Diablo 4: How To Level Up Fast?


You can also find other locations on the map to quickly farm up loads of loot and gear that will help you level up. Hope these methods can help your XP farm and upgrade quickly. Come and try it out.


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