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Diablo 4: How To Get Your Malignant Rings Fast In Season 2?

Posted: Nov 07, 2023

This guide is about how to most efficiently farm the Tree of Whispers Bounties for body parts that you can use to summon Varshan

Now, this is not only important because this boss, alongside Grigiore, is needed to summon Duriel. The addition of the five new Malignant Rings announced at BlizzCon makes Varshan very desirable. Even though he’s actually quite ugly in real life. 

Diablo 4: How To Get Your Malignant Rings Fast In Season 2?

Priority List: Always Farm The Lowest Available

In order to maximize the efficiency of farming body parts, I suggest using a priority list, and this requires some explanation. I will mention multiple ways to obtain body parts, in order of most efficient to least efficient. 

You always have to choose the activity that is available to you with the lowest number. And this way, you’re going to farm at peak efficiency. 

When you finished with one task, continue with the next farming method with the lowest rank. For example, if activity number 2 and five are both available to you, choose number 2. When you finish that, and see activity number 1 is up, continue with that instead. 

Now, let’s continue with the actual list.  

1. World Bosses

Number one, with the highest priority, is World Bosses

When completing World Boss objectives, you get five Grim Favors. And that’s great by itself, being a fast way to get caches, and body parts from those Caches. 

But the reason why this is on top is because of the Grotesque Debtors. When any bounty is completed, you have a chance to summon a Grotesque Debtor that will drop one or more body parts. 

After killing a World Boss, each player has a chance for a Debtor, and everyone will be able to loot the body parts from it. This way, it is very likely that you’ll get an extra body part or two from your or other people’s Debtors. And this speeds up the farming process tremendously.  

2. Legion Events

Number two is the Legion Events

Even though these take longer to complete than World Bosses, they are group events. Therefore, the chance of spawning a Debtor and receiving a body part is still high. 

This makes Legion Events are high priority.  

3. PVP Objectives

Next, we have the PVP objectives

These are usually completed solo, so no increased chance for Debtors and body parts besides your own character’s. 

However, these objectives are fast to complete. They are always located at the same spots in the PVP zones, and award a lot of Grim Favors.  

4. Blood Harvest

At number 4, we have Blood Harvest objectives.  

These are also quite consistent, always located in the Blood Harvest Zone, and fast to complete, especially since a ton of people usually farm there. You can get a lot of Diablo 4 Gold and XP for this.

They can also be combined with other activities in the zone. The one where you have to rescue villagers can be a bit tedious, so skipping that might be worth considering.  

Diablo 4 Season 2 Blood Harvest

5. Helltide Objectives

Number five are the bounties located in the Helltide zone

Honestly, by themselves, these are nothing special. But combined with the farm for Aberrant Cinders and Living Steel Chests, they are worth mentioning. 

If you have no interest in those, ignore this point.  

6. “Find The Corpse” Objectives

At number six on the list, there are the so-called “find the corpse” objectives

The reason is that these are fast to find and finish, and there is a chance for them to spawn a Debtor at completion. 

Even though they only add one Grim Favor, the short time between completing them means more chances to spawn a Debtor. And this makes farming these objectives worth it.  

7. Anything Else

And lastly, there’s every other objective. 

If nothing else with a higher priority is available, it’s your choice what to do. 

Personally, I would suggest farming something else until a better alternative comes up. But if you’re desperate, you can farm the dungeon objectives. They take a long time to complete, but award a lot of completion at least. 

Remember, always do the activity with the highest priority that is available. The Helltide objectives can move up or down on the list to even number one, based on how much you need Living Steel, but they are not that good for body part farming. 


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