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Diablo 4: Everything Thing We Know About The First Expansion Vessel Of Hatred!

Posted: Nov 06, 2023

A campfire live stream just broadcasted on November 4th with some big news about the mid season patch, Season 3, some more news on the holiday event and the expansion to Diablo 4 coming late next year. Here’s the summary of everything you need to know.

Diablo 4: Everything Thing We Know About Season 3 Vessel Of Hatred!

Expansion News

The new expansion will have a new story revisiting some familiar places to the Diablo Franchise.

The story will follow Neyrelle and Mephisto in a new campaign in a new area called Nehantu.

They did not reveal the new class. The only information we received was it will not be the Witch Doctor.

Unique Season 1 Rings

Varshan in Season 2 will be dropping the new Unique Rings that are inspired but tweaked versions of some of the Malignant Powers we had in Season 1.

For Rogue, we have a unique ring that deploys a Decoy Trap after using Subterfuge Skills.

For Druid, we got the pull in power after using an ultimate.

Barb will have guaranteed crits on core skills after using enough fury.

For Sorcerer, we got more elemental damage.

For Necromancer, we have the automatic corpse skill power.

Unfortunately, Corpse Tendrils will not cast as often as it did before.

Enchantment Preview

December 5th we’re getting the Occultist Enchanting Preview, where we can see affix replacements before we make any attempts in enchanting a Diablo 4 Item.

This eliminates blindly enchanting affixes and we’ll have a better expectation of what we’ll get. But whatever you need to enchant, you need to prepare enough Diablo 4 Gold.

100+ Endgame Content

Abattoir of Zir is a new endgame seasonal content that is not intended to make a return after Season 2, but depending on Player Feedback might come back.

The Abbatoir of Zir is going to be level 100+ content, that will be meant to be the most difficult content in the game.

To enter Abbatoir of Zir, you’ll need to finish the Season Journey and craft Bloodforged Sigils by getting a recipe. You’ll be able to level up the sigil after completing it multiple times.

The Bloodforged Sigil will max out at Tier 25. At any tier, you’ll have a chance at receiving the new Paragon Glyph, Tears of Blood.

The Abbatoir of Zir will give increased glyph experience, which we will need because the Tears of Blood paragon glyph can be leveled up to 200.

Tears of Blood will have a larger influence radius than any of the glyphs we have now.

Diablo 4 Season 3 Tears of Blood

Holiday Event

For the new holiday event, we’re getting new cosmetics, including weapons and back trophies.

The new event is going to transform the Fractured Peaks into a holiday themed area with new events and a new random boss called The Red Cloaked Terror.

Collect special tokens to unlock rewards at an NPC in town.

The Gauntlet & Leaderboard

We have more news on The Gauntlet and Leaderboard.

The Gauntlet is a new dungeon that will have fixed monsters, a fixed layout, no randomization whatsoever. The Dungeon will be the same for a week and at the end of each week will rotate out. The person highest on the Leaderboard will be adopted into the Hall of Ancients.

To get points in the Gauntlet to raise your score, you’ll need to collect Proves of Might.

On the leaderboard, you’ll be able to filter by Platform, Class, Party, or Solo. Your ranking in the Hall of the Ancients can be seen from your character profile.


From the Q&A, they’re looking into adding presets with an unknown date.

Itemization is the developer’s main focus right now. They’re thinking of doing more with the Codex of Power and reducing the amount of conditional affixes on equipment.

Collecting Living Steel is also going to be improved at some point, but also with an unknown date and not sure as to how they will improve it.


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