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Diablo 4: How To Get Specific Unique Items Like Tempest Roar And Crone Staff

Posted: Jun 25, 2023

Posted: Jun 25, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Hey Diablo friends here, today I'm going to show you how to farm specific unique items.

Diablo 4

Now in my case I will use Druid as an example. Now if you're like me and probably most Druids in the game, you might have found yourself in a situation like this. Where you're finding lots of Barbarian weapons, now let's just get this out of the way.

Why Is It Hard To Find

Loot table on Druid is currently bugged, you are sharing the weapon loot table with Barbarian, so the chances of finding Crone Staff significantly decrease. Because all these other items can drop at the same time.

But we still can increase those odds, now the best way to find Diablo 4 Unique items are from the rewards from Nightmare Dungeons. That's the best way to find these items.

Something You Need To Know

What you need to know is that, different monsters in the game have a higher chance of dropping certain items. So for example if we're hunting Crone Staff, I can tell you that Goatmen have a significantly higher chance of dropping two-handed staves.

Loot works is when an item drops, it has a chance of upgrading to the next tier. Now there are four Dungeons that I've found that have Goatmen in them, but only one of them is a Nightmare Dungeon. And it's really easy to find on the map, you just gotta look for this empty circle and go up, and this is it here Champions Demise. So you're going to have to farm Nightmare sigil keys to be able to do this Dungeon over and over again, because you want that awesome reward at the end.

Diablo 4 circle

Little Tip For You

Here's a little tip if you just want to farm normal Dungeons with Goatmen in them. At the end of it you want to use your emote key and press leave Dungeon. Teleport to town sell your gear to get Diablo 4 Gold, and by the time you go back through that Teleport, Dungeon will be reset so you've got to leave Dungeon first.

How To Find Tempest Roar

Now let's talk about Tempest Roar. Well what I can tell you is that, Cultists have a significantly higher chance of dropping helms. Once again there are several Dungeons in the game that have Cultists in them, but if you're looking for the Nightmare Dungeon, remember to get that reward at the end.

Diablo 4 Tempest Roar

We've got this Dungeon here very conveniently named Cultist Refuge. Now what's cool about Cultists is that, they have a higher chance of dropping daggers and helms. Now daggers are used on the road, so they do not drop as frequently on Druid.

In other words, if you're really trying to find Tempest Roar,Cultist Refuge is going to be phenomenal for you to be able to find it. If you're going to be farming these items, it's going to be significantly quicker if you can play in a group. Now you do not have to worry about the item dropping and you not being there to pick it up.

If for some reason it drops for your friend on the other side of the map, it'll actually get put as a little notification, the next time you go back to your stash, it'll pick the item up for you and you can grab it that way.

Now what I'm going to do is leave a list of all the monsters and the items, that they are more likely to drop in a comment pinned at the bottom.

Last Tip Of Technique

I'm going to leave you with one last tip though, if you're like me, I'm currently trying to find a better base yellow helmet for my character, we can use this technique for yellow items as well. So in this particular case I'd need to be farming Cultists. You will actually see, how many more yellow items you will get of a specific type in your inventory, when you're selling your gear.

You'll have like twice as many helms just by doing this technique. So if you're looking for base yellow items you want to apply this as well. One last thing, if you spend the whole day farming these Dungeons, and you still do not find this item, keep in mind that the item is still very very rare. I will find maybe three Uniques in an entire session. It's still pretty difficult, but your odds are going to go up.

Diablo 4 Uniques

Significantly doing this technique, anyway I've given you all something to do. Good luck on your hunting.


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