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Diablo 4: Do You Know How Good Your Gear Is? - Breakpoints Explained

Posted: Jun 25, 2023

In Diablo 4 there is a mysterious system called Item Power Breakpoints, which measures the value of dropped equipment. If you are a player who is used to relying on the power of items, you may think that it is important to keep your equipment strong during the game, and you are also committed to constantly finding more powerful equipment, which is indeed the right choice .

Diablo 4 Explained

But if you want to unlock Nightmare world tier or Torment, you want to create powerful builds that will allow you to tackle the harder game levels, then you can't just keep finding new gear. Then all you need to do is find equipment with a higher power value. So, how to judge which equipment is worth your investment, at this time you need to use Item Power Breakpoints.

What Are Item Power Breakpoints?

There are 6 levels in Diablo 4 to determine the overall value of items or equipment. The higher the level corresponding to the item, the higher the corresponding value. Below you will see the different levels of Item Power Breakpoint:

Diablo 4 breakpoint graphic

When you upgrade your item in Blacksmith or Jeweler, when your item exceeds its Breakpoint, you can find that it is different from the previous one in practice, because its corresponding level has increased, then its power value will be further improved.

For me, the item I own has a max power value of 711 and my level is 59. This means that I can successfully reach the final Breakpoint at the end of Nightmare difficulty, but the important thing for me is how to upgrade. When you pass Breakpoint, you will also use some additional resources and support, so that you will not waste too much Diablo 4 Gold.

How to use Breakpoints?

Normally, as a player in Diablo 4, you should prioritize items that can be upgraded to reach the highest Breakpoint. Although the drop power of items in the game is related to the corresponding level, it seems to be affected by the world level, such as Sacred and Ancestral items. The above two kinds of equipment are usually unlocked in Nightmare and Torment world tier, and can get higher item attributes and item power.

Diablo 4 Blacksmith

Ancestral items, when your items exceed the top 725 power cap, it means Torment world difficulty is the best place for Endgame builds. When you reach this point, it means that 90% of the items you use have reached their maximum power. The most obvious example is an Ancestral Unique helmet, which is always better than Sacred Unique in the game, partly because it has a power cap of over 725.

But at the same time, not all items are developing for the better. When you are upgrading Breakpoints, through rerolling stats and affixes, it is very likely that your corresponding item data will become very bad, so turning on tooltips is very necessary. After you turn on tooltips, you will be able to see the new stat range for the corresponding item.

So relatively speaking, Item Power Breakpoints are very important for every player, especially in terms of measuring the value of items. Hope the above content is helpful to you.


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