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Diablo 4: Gumby785 Found An Exploit That Helps Players Skip Season 1 Battle Pass Grind

Posted: Jul 24, 2023

Everyone fan of Diablo 4 knows very clearly, recently, Season 1 has just been released, which has also aroused the enthusiasm of many players. Diablo 4 players just happened to discover a simple trick that can skip hours of work earning favor for the game's Season 1 Battle Pass.

Diablo 4

Season Journey is also an important part of Diablo 4 Season of the Malignant. The progression of the story in this season is divided into several chapters, which require the player to further complete these chapters by completing a series of challenging tasks. The rewards for completing these chapters correspond to powerful Diablo 4 Items, including a new set of Legendary aspects for each of the game's five classes. On top of that, players can get some bonuses that help advance the Season 1 Battle Pass.

Gumby785 Found An Exploit

Reddit user Gumby785 found a useful exploit that could save early season players a lot of time completing the quest named Tree of Whispers, and the exploit will persist until Blizzard fixes it.

Diablo 4 Gumby785

Completing the Season Journey objective in Season 1 caused players a lot of headaches, because they needed to open 10 treasures provided by Tree of Whispers in exchange for rewards, like Diablo 4 Gold. Gumby785 mentions that the exploit to avoid this is simple: you need to acquire a cache, then delete and re-pick it nine times, so you can easily get 10 to complete the quest.

Under normal circumstances, in order to obtain the rewards of this tree, players need to go to specific areas indicated on Diablo 4 map and complete certain objectives to obtain one to five bounties. These quests range from the easy stuff like killing a certain number of enemies to the more nerve-wracking stuff like completing a dungeon.

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Comments From Some Netizens

In the comments of this post, many users expressed their gratitude to Gumby785 and confirmed that this vulnerability still exists in Season 1. "Great, tested and worked for me. Thanks bro," commented one user.

As users pointed out in the comments, the bug will surely eventually be found and fixed by Blizzard. "I gotta do this before the patch fixes it," exclaimed one user, while others asked Gumby785 to delete the post to avoid Blizzard's attention. I think it will be a matter of time before this bug is fixed. If you read this article, open your game and see if you can seize this opportunity to catch this bug.

Diablo 4 Comments

The objective this exploit helps to accomplish is called "Grim Rewards" and is part of the third chapter of Journey of Season in Diablo 4. No other targets require the cache to be turned on from Tree of Whispers, so its application is limited.

Season of the Malignant is now online, and players can complete Season Journey and Battle Pass tasks and explorations in the next few weeks. I am also exploring Season 1 step by step, and I will let you know if there are new discoveries.

Hope the above content is helpful to you.


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