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Details On New World Return To Aeternum Event

Posted: Nov 04, 2022

On November 2, 2022, New World launched a brand new launch server. It was also on the same day that the "Return to Aeternum" event was officially launched. Taking advantage of this good opportunity, New World is hosting a special speedrun tournament on Twitch with some of the top streamers participating.

Return to Aeternum is actually a "friendly competition" hosted by New World. The event officially kicks off on Nov. 2 at 10am CT and will end on November 18th. During the time, four teams of streamers will start from scratch in their own fresh start worlds and need to complete the challenge in two weeks.

Each of the four teams has six members, including three captains and three vice-captains. The following is the specific division of the four teams:

1. Trees Company: This team consists of KingGothalion, MyMrFruit, Smashley, BurkeBlack, Towelliee and Bajheera.
2. Bald and the Beautiful: This team consists of Asmongold, RichWCampbell, Xaryu, Zickahh, Redbyrd and BDLG.
3. Knights of the Coconut: This team consists of Dhalucard, GippiGaming, TonTon, Zerator, P4wnyhof and Pepp.
4. Shifting Sands: This team consists of YoDa, Spuleta, Rakin, Revolta, Jhoolna and Aiai_online.

As of now, the list of challenges has not been fully disclosed. But from some of the information revealed by the New World developers, we can make it clear that these challenges will definitely include PvE tasks, (such as defeating different bosses), and will also include some PvP tasks.

However, what we can know is that no matter what kind of challenge, the four teams must complete all tasks and level up to level five before the event can be concluded.

New World Return to Aeternum Event

Compared with other competitions, which will give the winning players a series of grand prizes after the competition, the rewards of this event are special. The ultimate goal of these streamer teams competing against each other to reach higher ranks is to unlock higher quality Twitch drops for their viewers.

There are a total of four sets of Twitch drops for viewers (among them, armor skins, weapons, and some useful consumables for weary adventurers). Here are the specific names of the four sets of Twitch drops:

1. Desert Traveler's Set
2. Studded Warrior Apparel Set
3. Baalphazu's Hideaway Camp Set
4. Lone Gladiator Apparel Set

If you, as an audience, want to see what each team has accomplished, you can go directly to the tracker page for the Return to Aeternum event. Because on that, the tasks that the four teams are challenging and the progress of completing these tasks will be recorded in real time.

If you also want to experience the four fresh start worlds challenged by the streamers, don't worry. After the speedrun tournament is over, the four worlds will be open to all communities.

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