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What Can We Expect From New World Update 1.7.1?

Posted: Nov 02, 2022

New World launched its first Fresh Start Worlds in the early hours of November 2nd. Before players could experience it, Amazon announced the next update shortly after. The content of the update is mainly to fix some problems in the updated Brimstone Sands.

The first category of issues to be addressed in the next update is mostly about quest fixes. As things stand, there are some quests in Brimstone Sands that players can't claim directly, so it's even more impossible to complete. For example, all Overseer Zane quests are currently prohibited from being completed. In addition to this, there are some quests that are not registered as completed although they may have been completed by the player.

There are also some issues with quests and encounters in Brimstone Sands that need to be adjusted. In order to prevent players from interrupting the game process due to some game requirements, and to make them more aware of what they need to know in advance to complete the tasks, all requirements and texts in the game need to be explained one by one. Amazon is currently trying to write clearer instructions to address these issues. Another thing to note is that some notable and counters are now being fixed gradually, even better than expected.

Some glitches in Brimstone Sands will also be gradually fixed. After the fault is fixed, the following problems will be solved one by one. The damage barrier around Brimstone Sands does not persist after the player dies. Trading Station can connect to storage correctly. After the update, players will no longer be able to set up camp near the Brimstone Under Siege quest location.

Overseer Zane

Some issues that affect privileges will also be fixed and resolved after the update. Players who leave their teammates in 3v3 arenas and quit without reason will be subject to a mistaken leaver penalty imposed by the system. In addition, the bug that the game itself comes with, that is, some skills can be used without triggering cooldowns, will also be fixed.

Since the Brimstone Sands update, Amazon has been paying close attention to the real feedback players have given, and has been actively and earnestly responding to issues that need to be adjusted and fixed. I think that's why New World's players continue to grow.

Don't worry if you don't know much about the newly released Fresh Start Worlds. You can head over to our web, now. Here, we not only introduced the specific launch time of these new servers, but also elaborated on some of the new features in the new servers. Of course, in addition to checking the news you want to watch, you can also buy cheap New World Coins here. If you use New World Coins to improve your game role after reading the guide, I believe you can definitely become the best in the New World. Act now!


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