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Complete Guide For Obtaining Legate's Ring In New World

Posted: Nov 01, 2022

Posted: Nov 01, 2022

Source:  IGGM

There is a Jewelry that can be equipped in the New World, and that is the Legate's Ring.

Legate's Ring mainly has the following advantages. One of the advantages is that it can provide more than 5% Slash Damage to adventurers such as the Battleaxe or Greatsword.

The second advantage is that it can also bring a 5% Leeching buff to your game character. And the value of HP restoration is based on the total damage from a strike. This number may seem unremarkable, but when added together, it can have a very large impact.

The third advantage is that it gives your character 11% Critical Chance, which is from its Keen Awareness Perk.

The above advantages are very important for melee users, so I suggest that such players can consider adding this item to their gear loadout. So, how can we get Legate's Ring in New World?

First of all, you have to make it clear that you cannot get the Legate's Ring in New World through crafting. And this item will only drop from uncommon mobs. As of October 2022, a Level 62 Corrupted Legion warrior called Primus Falco is the only enemy that drops this Jewelry. It's located in Crassus's Rise. You can find this Landmark southeast of Brimstone Sands. When you find it, you need to enter from the Deadwater Way Shrine.

where is Primus Falco

If you want to pick up the Legate's Ring dropped from Primus Falco, you need to defeat it, of course.

In general, the three kinds of damage Primus Falco are most afraid of are Arcane, Thrust, and Nature. If you use a weaponry or skill with Arcane against this elite enemy mob, it will take 30% more Arcane damage. If you use a weaponry or skill with Thrust, it takes 20% more Thrust damage. If you use a weaponry or skill with Nature, it takes 15% more Nature damage. If you only have one weaponry or skill don't matter, you can ask players who have weapons or skills with other damage to join you against Primus Falco.

According to YouTube content creator TOWNBOARD ENJOYER, we can tell there won't be a long wait between kills. Because every four minutes Primus Falco respawns. But this causes a problem. You will find a group of random adventurers waiting just like you. In this case, either collectively strike, or communicate with other teams. Just make sure you get the Primus Falco in an orderly way at the end.

Finally, having failed to avoid other problems during farming, I suggest that you build respawn points and eat food before battle.

That's all for this guide. If you want to learn more about New World, or you want to buy New World Coins to get better gear to beat Primus Falco, you can check out I Hope it can help you.


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