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Details On New World Fresh Start Worlds

Posted: Oct 28, 2022

With the Brimstone Sands update, players can't wait to experience it right away. In order to solve this problem, Amazon has recently opened some regular new servers, but it is still unable to meet the needs of players. So, Amazon has announced that it will be launching New World Fresh Start Worlds next week. Below are details about these new servers.

The Fresh Start Worlds will open sequentially in four-hour phases, starting at 12:00 PM ET on November 2 and ending before 3:00 PM ET on November 3.

1. The first server will be open in Central Europe, South America, US East and US West.

2. The second and third servers will be available in Central Europe and Eastern US at 1:00 PM ET and 2:00 PM ET, respectively.

3. The next five servers will open in Central Europe, South America, US East, US West and Australia on November 3 at 3 PM.

In total, four new servers will open next week in Central Europe and US East, two in US West and South America, and one in Australia. Because each server will have a player cap, so the server is still very scarce. Also, these new servers will not have language tags, you will have to find your own way to find players in the same community as you.

New World Fresh Start Worlds

Regarding these new servers, the team also published a FAQ on what players need to know before opening.

1. Because of the blank slate nature of these new servers, you can find all the claimable territories on them, a fresh economy, lots to discover, and even the recently released update of the Brimstone Sands and the revamped new player experience.

2. You can transfer Fresh Start characters to a legacy server later, but not vice versa. And any new characters cannot be transferred back and forth between these new servers, so once you log in to a new server, you must remember the server's name.

3. New World will add a third character slot for all players to accommodate these new servers.

If you want to know more about Fresh Start Worlds, please visit our web, We will update on it as soon as we have any relevant news. Instead of waiting, take a look at the other services we can offer. For example, here you can buy New World Coins at great prices and get free access to news and guides in addition to this game. Act now!


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